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Family Struggles Against Ritalin

Help Reunite Family Without Ritalin

Theirs is a story that should concern every free thinker, non-conformist,
and social change activist. Yet too few people know about 10 year old
Vincent Booth and his mother Diane, both turned international fugitives when
the family said no to Ritalin. Today Vincent is held by the state of
California, location unknown. His mother, just released from a women's
"Correctional Facility" is talking to media around the country about human
rights in psychiatry, trying to get her son back from the state, and trying
herself to stay out of the system that so desperately wants to crush her
spirit of freedom and resistance.

Below is a short description of Diane's situation that she wrote for us
earlier this week:

In July 2000 Diane Booth fled to Canada with her then 7 yr. old son,
Vincent, who had been apprehended by Children's Protective Services and
imprisoned in a children's mental institution because Dianne refused to
"medicate" him with Ritalin.

The FBI put out two felony warrants for "Kidnapping" and "Fleeing the USA"
and the two were apprehended in British Columbia. Vincent was returned to
California and no one has seen or heard from him since.

Diane remained in Vancouver for 3 years, filing for political asylum and
trying all avenues to get her son returned to her in Canada. After 3 years,
she turned herself in to U.S. authorities and was in Santa Clara's
Correctional Center for Women for 4 months.

Diane was released on May 29, 2003. Now that she is free, she must resume
the same battle with Judge Leonard Edwards, who refused to reunite her with
Vincent or even give information of her son's whereabouts unless Diane
submits to psychotherapy and "medication." Doctors now testify that Booth's
son has been permanently damaged as a result of being drugged.

You can read another account with more details from before Diane's recent
release on the website of Parent News at

Diane is currently seeking a stable address to satisfy her parole officer
and is concerned that she may be taken into custody again, this time for
much longer. She is fighting a very important fight. Please support Diane
and Vincent as they fight for their rights to think for themselves.

T o help Diane's efforts to be reunited with her son Vincent, and avoid
forced psychiatric medication and imprisonment herself, you can:

Contact Diane's Parole Officer: Raylene Mallon - 408-435-2040 and ask her to work with
Diane to help her avoid going back to prison and to get her son.

Make donations to:
Diane/Vincent Booth Freedom Fund
c/o Mrs. Rita Gominiak
1045 Steepleview #18
Sturgeon Pt. Road
Derby, New York 14047

Contact the judge concerning Vincent: Honorable Leonard P. Edwards
Dept. 67 Juvenile Dependency Division
115 Terraine Street
San Jose, CA 96110

Send letters of support to
Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD Neurologist, Child Neurologist Fellow, American
Academy of Neurology 1303 Hidden Mountain Drive El Cajon, CA 92019
adhdfraud.com  fredbaughmanmd@cox.net

Help spread the word about Diane and Vincent. Contact Diane and help her
tell her story through any media outlets you have access to. She can be
reached at via  dboothcontact@hotmail.com.

To read a story in the news about the first children's mental institution that Vincent was held in see  http://www.bayarea.com/mld/mercurynews/news/6131187.htm

See also the related story of the Bryant family in Massachusetts, whose
children the state has taken custody of and now threatens to seize because
the family refuses to take standardized educational tests.

Stop the state from stealing children! No more forced conformity!
in re judge leonard edwards (vincent booth case) 25.Jun.2003 03:45


Leonard Edwards is a monster. He poisoned our handicapped daughter with raw lead some years ago and cut off all visitation when we complained. . At the very LEAST he should be in an instirution for the criminally insane, not on the bench harming helpless children. I would be most happy to supply you with all the details, including court transcripts should you be interested in doing an expose about this miscreant.