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Sacramento Police confiscate weapons of mass dispersion

Sacramento police came knocking on the doors of the "Welcome Center" this morning demanding that we give up our weapons to them. According to their sources, activists spent yesterday making weapons to use at the upcoming protests. Read on...
Sacramento Police came knocking on the doors of the Welcome Center for the Hungary for Justice Convergence in Sacramento. They demanded we give up our weapons of mass dispersion - other wise known as "seed balls". Activists had spent the day before making mud balls full of heirloom seeds to be dropped around the city to help beautify and spread non-GE seeds and plants. There was never any intention of using the mud balls to hurt people or property. Instead the intent was to go up against the corporate structures that are trying to destroy diversity on the planet by genetically engineering and owning patents on all plants. Many of these GE seeds are terminator ends - which mean they will not create plants that have viable seeds. The only way to propigate plants would be to buy new GE seeds from corporations. By destroying the diversity of plant life and ending natures ability to select over millions of years....humans are in danger of mass starvation, poisioning by GE foodstuffs and destruction of whole ecosystems and biospheres.

The mud ball dispersion was to be an educational project to give knowledge to "ALL" the people about why the WTO Ministerial in Sacramento and later Cancun are so dangerous. This is not the end, we have hundreds of events planned to educate the world. Today we hold teach-ins at Sacramento State and hold a protest at International paper the worlds biggest producers of GE Trees.

Workshops at Sac State today:

Hunger at home, Hunger abroad

The tools of Industrial Agriculture

Food and Economic Justice

How globalization impacts our forests

Family farmers and farmworker's struggles for justice

Resisting militarism and colonalism

Enforcing corporate globalization: privatization, corporate control and structural adjustment

The Road to Cancun and beyond: The global trade agenda and the struggle for ecology, dignity and democracy

weapons of mass dispersion 21.Jun.2003 13:23

Eye in the Sky and street corners too.

Complain all you want about our police. Chances are you'll delete this anyway... you know, that First Amendment thing and how free speech is being restrained here in Sacramento. If visitors to your public website don't sing your praises, we're not welcome it seems.

Thank you for a quiet night Friday. A tour of the downtown/midtown neighborhoods reaveal no significant problems. You seem to be enjoying our city. The concern about the "mud" seed balls is not unreasonable given some tactics used in Seattle. I doubt you want this direct action plan to be seen as Seattle-II.

Perhaps you can explain the four people who walked into Walker Hardware store in my hood and bought black spray paint and a sledgehammer. Arts and Crafts I'm sure. Nice prop too... with the baby in tow behind the mountain bike. Kinda like your friends at Justice for Janitors using an occupied baby stroller to block light rail train the other night.

We're watching you from more places than you can count... we defend your right to free expression and demonstrations if done lawfully. Cross the line and we'll assist in your prosecution. You're visitors and you're welcome... if you keep your ranks in line. Behave like a criminal and you'll be treated like one.

laughing my ass off 21.Jun.2003 14:00


"The concern about the "mud" seed balls is not unreasonable given some tactics used in Seattle."

Yeah, I remember all those dangerous mud and seed tactics used in seattle. Face it, the more you try to clamp down on things like this the more you're going to look like idiots. Provides for much entertainment though. I can't think of anything funnier to read first thing in the morning.

"If visitors to your public website don't sing your praises, we're not welcome it seems."

Well, somebody has been lying to you. From what I've seen abusive posts are removed, everything else is left up. Unmoderated sites are not worth reading according to most people. This site is literally littered from postings from other police officers. You should have a look around before making such blatantly false generalizations.

"We're watching you from more places than you can count"

Ooh, I'm sure people are so scared of your big brother tactics. But go ahead, make more threats. It'll be interesting to see how that works out for you. I suspect you're going to learn a lesson about how inneffectual your work really is, and I hope you truly learn something from it.

"Perhaps you can explain the four people who walked into Walker Hardware store in my hood and bought black spray paint and a sledgehammer."

Why bother to explain, you've clearly already made up your mind.

One more thing: Do you think your superiors would approve of you posting to this site during this action? Maybe we should find out?

did I miss something? 21.Jun.2003 14:42


When did dressing a certain way become criminal behavior? That is why individuals are being targeted, because of the way they dress or look.

When did distributing seeds become criminal behavior? It's laughable to think seed balls could be used as a weapon (in the sense that the police mean).

Shall we just drop the false pretenses, please?

What the cop meant to say was:

"Go along with the continuation and escalation of governmental and corporate abuses or be treated like a criminal."