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KSL News 20,000 People Expected in The Uintas For The Rainbow Family Reunion

check out the news video about this years annual gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light... This one's permitted folks, but don't let that fool you into thinking that law enforcement is planning on being any nicer, nor that Utah State cops have mellowed any because of it... For more info on the Rainbow Family, go to www.welcomehome.org

news video at:  http://tv.ksl.com/index.php?nid=39&sid=34327
The Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes will be happening in the Uintas in Utah from July 1 - July 7.

Take I-15 or I-84, depending on where you are coming from, to South
Ogden, Utah. Then take I-84 East to I-80, comes out at Echo Resevoir, thus
avoiding SLC and Park City. Then I-80 east to Evanston.

WARNING: to all who are going to the Gathering in June/July 2003 to STAY ON THE
SPRINGS. The cops are pulling everyone over and a rainbow brother ended up in
jail for a few nights.

Directions from other angles:
Quick directions are: Take Highway 150 out of Evanston, Wym to FS 058. Take 058 over the newly melted out Elizabeth Pass. Go 2.5 miles past the summit to the Rainbow rock cairns and streamers. This link takes you to the Topozone map of the site. You can get to an aerial photo from this link.
Directions from the East:Take I-80 and get off at Lyman Lake, 414, or Ft. Bridger, any of these 3 exits work. Take 414 south to Mountain View. From Mountain View take 410 approximately 12 1/2 miles. Turn onto a gravel road marked 208. Take 208 approximately 12 miles to a fork, bear right onto FS Road 058. Follow 058 approximately 12 miles then turn right onto FS Road 307. After about 6 of the 12 miles, you will come to a fork in the road by the shuttle parking lots. Please use the shuttle parking, as space is limited at Welcome Home. Welcome Home & Bus Village are another 6 miles to FS 307. FS 307 (called Cut Trout Rd by the locals) is unmarked, but there will be Rainbow sign and Welcome Home.

Directions from the West:Take I-84 through Ogden, Utah to Hwy.80 East Continue on 80 through Evanston, Wy. to exit 34. Go through Fort Bridger, Wy to Rd. 410. Go through Mt. View, Wy and turn west to Robertson, WY. Continue west to Rd. 208 and go south for 12 miles towards Meeks Cabin Res. Rd. 208 becomes 058, as you enter into Utah Go 6 miles, take a right fork. The shuttle parking lot is in this area. Because there is limited parking at Welcome Home, plese use the shuttle parking lot. To get to Welcome Home & Bus Village, go approx. 5 miles on Rd 058 to Rd. 307 or Cutthroat Rd Follow the Rainbow signs. You can also take highway 150 south out of Evanston to Rd 058. Then take 058 over Elizabeth Pass, and then 2.5 miles to Welcome Home. This route though is a rocky dirt road over a high mountain pass.

Alternate directions:A long time Utah local sent these alternate directions for those that like the back roads. A travel advisory for those approaching the gathering area from the south or east... when your route plan happens to traverse US Hwy 40. Rather than go the long way round by continuing west to hook up with Interstate 80, you can get to the gathering through the forest, from south to north. Here's how: On US Hwy 40 westbound, between Duchesne and Fruitland, turn north on State Hwy 208 to Tabiona. Then turn west on State Hwy 35. Continue until Soapstone Basin Road ( USFS 037). Go north here until you link up with State Hwy 150. Turn right, or north. Go past Mirror Lake until the USFS 058. Turn east... look for signs. This will save having to go as far as Kamas to get on State Hwy 150, or worse, having to go clear to Silver Creek Junction on US 40 in order to get on I-80. My way you save about 100 gas miles. Happy Rainbow motoring!

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!

Regardless of the politics of the issue, let's try not to loose sight of what it takes to have a healthy & safe gathering.
If I had to pick a city for air or bus connections, I'd head towards Salt Lake. I've been told there are bus stops in Lyman and Mt View, Wyoming, althought Evanston might be easier to get a ride. Depending on your other ground transportation arrangements, there are other airports in both Wyoming and Idaho, since this are is very close to the border.