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Favorite bumperstickers spotted

this week:
i'm allergic to katz

non-judgement day is coming
How about this one? 21.Jun.2003 01:07


"The Portland Business Alliance paid me to hold this sign instead of talking about the First Amendment or dissenting to the war on Iraq."

Seen 21.Jun.2003 03:34


"Love My Country
But Fear My Government"

and this one

"Legalize Freedom!"

How about this 21.Jun.2003 11:28

Voice of Freedom

The truth shall set the white house free or
Long live the Bill of Rights

Or this one 21.Jun.2003 15:31


"My other bicycle is an electric magnetic pulse device"

one i've always wanted to see 21.Jun.2003 17:24


if i really cared about the environment
i wouldn't be burning fossil fuels right now

the best ever... 21.Jun.2003 19:35

this thing here

"my dog is on the honor roll at your school."

two faves 21.Jun.2003 21:52

lingenberry pancake

'road-removal creates jobs'


'midwives help people out'


Here's another 21.Jun.2003 23:54


My mother and I were thinking of this bumper sticker for her car (i'm home-schooled)- My Daughter was on the Honor Roll of those Arrested On Day Of Bombing.

Another 22.Jun.2003 17:19


"I love my country but I think it's time we start seeing other people"

My favorite for almost 2 years 22.Jun.2003 18:08


Here's my favorite: Buck Fin Laden.

Lick Bush in 88 22.Jun.2003 21:06


Needs to be revised to:

Beat Dick and Lick Bush in 04.