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Forum: US Imperialism in the Philippines

This coming Sunday June 22rd (7:00pm) at Laughing Horse Books, Executive Directory of the Filipino Workers Action Center in Seattle ACE SATURAY will speak on globalization and US imperialism as it affects the Filipino people.

Sponsored by: Portland Anti Capitalist Action Contact:  pdxaca@ziplip.com
Since 9/11 the Bush administration has escalated military presence in the Philippines, with more US troops in the field than at any time since World War II. The Phillipines is a linchpin of Bush's worldwide strategy as well as a key to capitalist globalization. Come here how the Filipino people are fighting back and how movements in the US can learn from they 100+ years of resistance to US imperialism.

Date/Time: Sunday June 22rd, 7pm Location: Laughing Horse Books - 3654 SE Division

Ace Saturay will talk about:
*Background of the 105 years of Filipino resistance against neo - colonialism.
-The basic problem of the Filipino People
-The forms of struggle
*The world under imperialism: Philippines as the second front against the "WAR on Terrorism"
*Workshop: basic components of community organizing

Ace Saturay is the Executive Directory of the Filipino Workers Action Center in Seattle.
He has also worked as:
*Convenor for the No to WTO/People's Assembly in 1999.
*Founding member of 2001 International League of People's Struggle
*Organizing member of BAYAN International, USA
*National Network of Filipinos against the WAR

This event is sponsered by: Portland Anti Capitalist Action
Contact:  pdxaca@ziplip.com
phone: 503-957-6253

phone: phone: 503-957-6253
address: address: 3654 SE Division