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Bark July E-Newsletter: Timber Sale Auctions, Mt. Hood Timber Sale Art Show; Hikes

Bark's bi-monthly e-newsletter of events and actions for Mt. Hood National Forest. Rusty Saw Re-Auction (again); Salmonberry 5 Auction; Mt. Hood Timber Sale Art Show; Upcoming Hikes and Wyden town-hall
CONTENTS: Senator Wyden: Take a Stand for Our Forests! Saturday, June 21 Bark About Hike, Sunday, July 13 Art Show: "Groundtruth," June 10 - 29 Rusty Saw Reoffered for Sale, Tuesday, June 24 Roadless Area Threatened: Salmonberry 5 to be Auctioned, Friday, June 27 Canvass for Bark! Earn Money Saving our Forests Computer Needed! Right Away Town Hall Meetings: Ask Senator Wyden to Take a Stand for Our Forests! Saturday, June 21 2:15- 4 pm, Hood River County Courthouse, 309 State Street, Hood River. 11:30 am - 1 pm, North Sherman Elementary School, 1 Barnett Street, Wasco, OR Often times we ask you to write or call your Senators or Representatives to voice your support or disagreement with their actions. This Saturday, you have a RARE opportunity to get your message directly to Oregon's senior senator at one of two Town Hall meetings. It is absolutely critical that Senator Wyden stand up and defend Oregon's forests against attacks by the Bush administration. He's been quiet so far... . The timber industry has been a constant presence in Washington DC offices during the past few months. While we cannot match the time that their paid lobbyists are meeting with our congressional delegation, we can at least equal their turnout when our elected officials return home. This meeting may be the last trip home for Senator Wyden before the Senate takes up the devastating forest fuels bill that recently passed the House of Representatives (as HR 1904). Meet representatives from ONRC there, and they'll have information and talking points for you. I urge you to prioritize these meetings and devote 90 minutes this weekend to protect Oregon's wild forests. ONRC staff member Erik Fernandez (has a pony tail and will be wearing a green 'Oregon Wild' t-shirt) will be at the Hood River meeting, in front of the courthouse at 2:15pm, to provide you with detailed talking points. For more information, contact Alex Brown, ab@onrc.org, 503-283-6343 ext. 224 Roadless Area Threatened: Salmonberry 5 to be Auctioned! 8:00 am, Friday, June 27, Mt. Hood National Forest Headquarters, 16400 Champion Way, Sandy, OR 97055. The Salmonberry 5 Sale is the only remaining of a notorious collection of Salmonberry sales, which among other things would have logged in the keyhole of the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness. Despite our success at getting these other sales stopped, we are still stuck with the egregious Salmonberry 5 sale, which will clearcut native, previously untouched forest that lies between the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness and an uninventoried roadless area-- in order to increase huckleberry production on the site. Bark recently cruised the area, and the huckleberry bushes seem to be growing just fine! Regardless, there are abundant clearcuts (unfortunately) at the appropriate elevation throughout Mt. Hood National Forest that make for suitable huckleberry picking. Frankly, the road up to the area is so bad, I can't imagine that many people would throng there to go huckleberry picking. But the US Forest Service is going to fix that by putting thousands of tax payer dollars into improving the road?and yet, according to them, not enough to make it more accessible than it is now. So who is going to get reach those huckleberry bushes? Logic aside, if you care about expanding wilderness in Oregon, call Jim Rice at the US Forest Service and tell him what you think: 503-630-8710. In addition to ephemeral streams in the area (only 50 feet buffers!), this sale threatens the Veda Lake (673) and Fir Tree (673 A) hiking trails. Art Show "Groundtruth" June 10-29, Oregon College of Art & Craft, 8245 SW Barnes Road (an extension of West Burnside.) The bus 20 line stops right at the front door of the school. The gallery is open daily, from 10am to 5pm. One of Bark's talented volunteers, Tarp Tarmac (Ryan Pierce), has been working for several months on a suite of paintings called "Groundtruth." These paintings were created for his thesis project at Oregon Art & Craft, and are now on display. The Artist's Statement: "Groundtruth" is an effort to use painting as an investigative tool. The five paintings in this series each represent a specific timber sale from the Mt. Hood National Forest. The sales are: Borg, Solo, Hilynx, Fivemile, and Bars/Barstool. The imagery in the paintings is derived from my experience groundtruthing these sales, it is culled from the photos and notes that I took, the maps and EAs (environmental assessments) and other documents, and my intuitive impressions from walking these forests. This project was an attempt to establish a relationship between painting and forest activism in my life. The folks at Bark, particularly Sarah Wald and Greg Dyson, helped me immeasurably with the research end of this project, so I owe them a lot of thanks." Rusty Saw Sale Reoffered for Sale, Tuesday, June 24 Tuesday, June 24, BLM Salem District office at 1717 Fabry Road, SE Salem, 9-4 pm. Bids will be opened at 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 25. The Rusty Saw timber sale is scheduled to be auctioned this Tuesday by sealed bid. This is the third time the BLM has tried to auction this sale! There were no bidders the first two times, and now the sale price has been nearly dropped in half from its initial value! This sale is in the Eagle Creek Watershed, only 3 miles NW of where the Eagle Tree Sits were. Canvass for Bark: Earn Money Saving Our Forests! These are tough financial times for non-profits, and for many individuals as well. BUT rather than bemoaning this fate, Bark is doing something about it?and so can you. We have recently launched a door-to-door canvass, and are already successfully adding new members while educating the public about our threatened forests. If you are looking for flexible part time, meaningful work, consider joining Bark's canvass! You'll make a difference for the earth, earn money, meet new people, and learn a great deal about our National Forests! To find out more information, contact Carrie at crtaylor88@hotmail.com or at 503-331-0374. Computer Needed, Right Away! Bark desperately needs an additional computer in the office. We have volunteers who are lining up to help make up the loss of a staff person, but without an additional computer, it's very difficult to take advantage of that help. If you have a good quality, functioning, NETWORKABLE computer that you would like to put to use helping save our forests, please contact the Bark office ASAP.

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