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How can I get free copie?

I'm trying to figure out how to get free copies for a really important project I'm working on. Any suggestions?
? 20.Jun.2003 15:28


Free copies of what???

Duh 20.Jun.2003 16:04


Go over to the free copy center!

free copies 20.Jun.2003 16:19


I once heard of a person who just went into a copy shop, made their copies, and then walked right out without paying for them. Those were free copies. I don't think you should do that, though, cuz it's illegal. So I guess there's just no way to get free copies.

Me too 20.Jun.2003 16:40


I too would like free copies, pls. Tnx.

...in corvallis 20.Jun.2003 17:27


on the OSU campus it is easy to get free copies... just be on the look-out for ID cards lying on the floor (best place to look is in the computer labs...); it's not uncommon to stumble across one or two a week. these cards are used for the dining meal plans for people in the dorms and are used for copies in the library.

anyone know if this is used at other universities/colleges?


Copies? 20.Jun.2003 18:18

You mean, xerox copies?

If you mean like, xerox copies, you can do what I do -- get a job somewhere that has a copier, and then discreetly use it. Otherwise, if such a job is not forthcoming, you can find someone who has such a job. (The second option might work better if you're busy working on research for school or for revolution. Also, jobs aren't exactly forthcoming in any sense right now, with a republican retard running the show into the ground.)

Also, as has been suggested, I have heard of people who have made copies in the copy store, and then left. I'm not advocating this, mind you, but I have heard that it can be done. Makes sense, when you think of it. After all, how many minimum wage stiffs working in a copy shop are gonna care if you get a few free copies or not? Think they'll make more if they bust you?

Which brings me to another point. If you happen to work somewhere, for chump change, as most of us do, consider your fellow working class people. If you work in a copy shop, and someone comes in to make free copies, wouldn't it be nice to let them be. If you work in a restaurant, and someone asks for free food, why not give it to them? If you work in a store, and someone walks out with some merchandise, how nice to just let them go. After all, our sweat is making this country, and the capitalists are taking it from us. This is one way to take some back. Not that I advocate any of this, mind you, since it could be construed as illegal by those in power who make the laws they keep us down with. Just thinking out loud here....

Uncle Abbie Lives!!! 22.Jun.2003 08:50

Salmon Girl

If you haven't read "Steal This Book", read it!!!

Where to make free copies?? 07.Sep.2003 08:48

Where to make free copies Sk8ergurl@y2001.Com

Confused where to make xerox copies?? Me to if any one know`s where to make copies please add another text, I was also wondering if any one know`s where to make copies in Colorado????