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Sac Welcome Center Opens Friday, June 20th

Planning Spokescouncil Affinity Group Meetings 7 pm
Welcome Center Opens Friday, June 20th
Corner of 12th&C -- Sacramento
The welcome center will be open with action details and information, resources, trainings, and more. Come on down and get plugged-in! We also need volunteers to staff the center. Help build transformative community! Email  info@sacmobilization.org.

Next Planning Meeting (Spokes Council) for Nonviolent Direct Action
Friday, June 20th, 7 PM, at the Washington Neighborhood Center located at the corner of 16th & D Streets in Downtown Sacramento
Want to plug into the mass non-violent direct action? Form an affinity group (a small group of 5-20 people who share common vision and goals) and send a representative to the Spokes Council. Together we will plan and prepare for mass non-violent direct action.