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June 27th & 28th: the Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange

The Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange (POSIX) is taking place June 27th and 28th. This is your chance to meet other geeks who are involved with social activism and for activists to learn computer skills for free.
What is POSIX?
What characterizes POSIX 2003 is our wish to live these three days completely self-organized basing ourselves on our needs.
POSIX 2003 is a SELF-ORGANIZED event. There are neither organizers nor users, but only participants.

POSIX is taking place at Portland State Univserity in Cramer Hall.

Friday's Course Schedue

TimeRoom 53
19:30Join us for the opening POSIX. Get the low down on the coming weekend's events. Come share your hopes and visions for POSIX and meet other partisipants of Portland's first social information eXchange.

Saturday's Course Schudule

TimeRoom 53Room 158Room 183
10:00Creating Powerful Communities in the Information Age
12:00Hands On Coverting to Open SourceBuilding Online Community & Distance Learning SystemsSecurity & Privacy on the Net
2:00Hands On Coverting to Open SourceStreaming audioCommunity Wireless and Using a Wireless Network
4:00Hands On Coverting to Open SourceGet a Gang! Forming a Network of TechsSecurity paradigm's for network organisations.
6:00Closing Conversation

Through out the conference there will be space for spontaneous workshops. For the complete course descriptions visit the posix website.

homepage: homepage: http://posix2003.org

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The Incompetence is Indemnic 29.Jun.2003 00:34

RTdagneer Lotilivo@peoplepc.com

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