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Why should you join the mobilization in Sacramento?

Wars are being fought on many fronts, and the backroom deals which ensure that the majority of the world's population are kept under the heel of Empire are as much a target for people who believe in peace and justice as opposition to murderous armies and bombing campaigns in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Sacramento mobilization is time to show that we understand it is not enough for those of us who live in the US to turn out in hundreds of thousands at the outbreak of a military invasion - we need to be looking for strategic opportunities to confront Empire on an ongoing basis to turn this nation 180 degrees and walk together in a radically new direction.

...It is widely recognized that controversy over agriculture is the achilles heel of 'free trade' agreements such as the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Some have even suggested that the whole WTO process could unravel at the WTO meeting in Mexico this September if there is continued failure to reach agreement on agriculture. While the Sacramento ministerial is not actually billed as a WTO meeting, the timing of this meeting to gather support for the US position on agriculture in the run up to the WTO ministerial in Mexico is no coincidence.

From June 23-25 in Sacramento, the US Department of Agriculture, the Agency for International Development, and the State Department are hosting government ministers from 180 nations and transnational corporate reps to lay out the US government and agribusiness' vision for the future of the world. A major grassroots mobilization and convergence is planned in Sacramento from June 20-25. This is an opportunity for people to say no to a genetically engineered future, and to voice instead a living world vision, rooted in social justice and ecological sanity... [ Read More ] [ Sac Mobilization ]