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Women/Trans Action Camp to come and Rock the Trees

woman by tree In the spirit of Judi Bari, and mother earth, we call all those who identify as women, or who were raised as women, to come and join us. Women, genderqueer, and trans folk have been known as property recently enough to know what it is like to have efforts at being one's self can be cut down. We see a similar objectification occurring to the forest. Seeing the forest as we see it, seeing the system of power serving power as we see it, we prefer to become a community that learns how to stand together to assert our reality until it can't be denied.

The forest industry frames it as a jobs-or-trees choice. Yet, every person who currently works in fishing, farming, and forestry (the US Bureau of Labor Statistics groups them that way) would get about $568,000 per year more than they normally do if the timber sale program just stopped, and the tax dollars went to the workers. Taxpayers, not the industry, give the timber sale program $1.3 billion per year. What if the people currently paid to cut down the forest were given a wage sufficient to feed, clothe, school, and care for their families, and had their retirement taken care of, to boot? Can you imagine how many jobs could be made in forest restoration, a job that would use the loggers' considerable skills, and keep their children within their communities?

Come join us in our continuing oddessy of finding power with, instead of apart from or against, one another.....with each other, with the forest, with the earth! If the people in the timber industries want to treat our lives as of equal value to their own, we'll open a space for them too. Until then - we will work with the willing, and build our strength - together. [ Read More ] [ More information: www.cascadiasummer.org or call CFA at (503) 241-4879 ]