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Social Worker Rally - Pictures and Audio from June 12th

Social Workers at the County Bldg On the morning of June 12th Portland social workers rallied and County Comissioners met to finalize the 2003-4 Multnomah county budget. Numerous other articles on Portland Indymedia discussed the background of these issues.

At the rally the social workers and their allies were met with numerous honks of approval from motorists driving down Grand Ave. Local TV and radio stations were there interviewing people too.

During the packed meeting City Comissioners sounded supportive but also balked at the concept that they could put pressure on Salem to restore a larger amount of the cuts taking place. Lonnie Roberts, City Comissioner of District 4 said, "Do you know how hard it is for us to influence Salem?" like three or four times. I would personally like to know if our elected officials can't influence the state legislature, then who exactly can? [


Audio mp3's: Outside | Testimony | KBOO report ] [


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