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Eugene human rights commission calls for shorter sentence for anarchist Jeff Luers

This Saturday in Eugene, Oregon festivities will start at Scobert Park (4th and Blair) at 12PM. We will be acting in solidarity with Free, who is currently serving a 22+ year sentence for an action that physically harmed no one! We will gather, speak, march, and celebrate life in a solidarity parade for Free, after three years of his unjust imprisonment.

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Jeff "Free" Luers in Fall Creek Tree sit April 1998

City human rights commission calls for shorter sentence for anarchist
EUGENE, Ore. (AP) - Members of the Eugene Human Rights Commission have written a letter in support of a reduced prison sentence for an anarchist now serving a 22-year prison term for setting three sport utility vehicles on fire and attempting to burn down an oil company.

Commission members say people convicted of more serious crimes than those of Jeffrey ``Free'' Luers have received more lenient sentences.

``In no way are we supporting him or his crime,'' said Sara Rich, a commission member who researched the case and urged the commission to question whether the sentence was based on political beliefs.

``During these difficult times, we must work diligently to ensure that the basic civil rights of all of our fellow citizens are equally protected and upheld,'' the letter states. ``We therefore urge Mr. Luers to use his appeal process in the hope that a review of his sentence will lead to a reduction in time served and with the expectation that the length of his sentence would not be based on his political beliefs.''

The letter does not commit the city to take any action on Luers' behalf, but is intended for Luers to use in any way he wishes, Rich said. The letter does not mention Luers' conviction for attempted arson of a fumed-filled tanker truck at an oil company in a Whiteaker residential area that investigators believe could have been catastrophic. Luers disavows any connection with the crime.

Luers, 24, was convicted for 10 felonies including three counts of first-degree arson at the Romania truck dealership on June 16, 2000, and two counts of attempted arson at the Tyree Oil Inc. three weeks earlier.

He is appealing the sentence, arguing the crimes were not first-degree arson, the sentences should not be served back-to-back, and that he was sentenced as though someone had been seriously injured or endangered. No one was injured in either incident.

Luers' co-defendant, Craig Andrew Marshall, 30, made a plea deal on charges in the Romania case and was sentenced in November 2000 to 5 1/2 years in prison.

Although the case began three years ago, vocal supporters continue to press Luers' cause. They have organized a demonstration for Saturday at a Eugene park and have created a Web site.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org

Old saying 14.Jun.2003 17:36

felonious maximus

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. 10 separate felonies is a lot of crime. The fact that he did them for political reasons means he may reoffend again when he is released. 5+ years seems correct to me. I hope he learns from his mistakes. If not he will be back.

Huh?? 15.Jun.2003 10:31


In what way is the attempt to burn down Tyree Oil Inc. environmentally friendly? Given that he avoids an explosion, the clouds of poisonous black smoke that would result seem pretty bad to me. This man is not our friend.

Yes This man is our friend 16.Jun.2003 13:04

No Proof

Jeffrey denies having any interest in blowing up Tyree Oil company. There is no proof of this charge although the stupid judge charged him with that crime. Blowing up Tyree would have done damage to the people of the Whiteaker community and Jeffrey wouldn't have done that. May i repeat that there is no evidence that Jeff had anything to do with the Tyree attempted arson.
No human or living thing was hurt by Jeff's actions. Wake up and drink some coffee. This is not justice and NO MATTER what you think about the crime of burning three suv's that were eventually resold...23 years where noone was hurt is blasphemy. You could be next...

A crime is a crime 20.Jun.2003 14:00


Commission of a felony in the name of a political cause cheapens the cause, and the act is still a crime.