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Discussion: Infiltrators, the black bloc, and Sacramento

We are going to have infiltrators. We are going to have folks spy in meetings. It makes sense for whatever groups your targeting to gather information on how you're going to disrupt them. It doesn't matter whether your violent or non violent either. ...if a group is being effective on practically any level there probably going to be documented and infiltrated...

Now read about the recent anti globalization, anti war, anti capitalist demonstrations happening recently. The g8's, IMF/world bank protests, WTO, etc. They have all recently been attacked by infiltrators in the protests. From entire black blocs that were police in Genoa, from just random people starting useless fights in the crowds, etc. It happens. There are undercover cops in protests. We need to realize this. This isn't bullshit mindless propaganda. People have been documenting this crap for years. And yet we still don't have a decent way of dealing with this... [ Read more ] [ Previous discussion on same topic ]