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Portland Police Beat, Stun and Pepper-Spray Elderly St. Johns

Portland police respond to complaints from city officials who were attempting to serve a warrant to a St. Johns woman with pepper spray, physical intimidation and assault, and the use of a stun gun. Audio story produced for KBOO Community Radio.
Late Monday afternoon, KBOO Evening News learned of an incident involving a 71 year-old woman and several Portland police officers. Rob Manning reports.

link doesn't work 11.Jun.2003 19:32



it's working for me - 11.Jun.2003 21:12

Rob M.

it may take a little while to load. It's 2.6 MB (about a three-minute story).

Rob M.

take away their toys 11.Jun.2003 23:35

bitter root

PPB's sociopathic cretins run amok...probably didn't put a bullet into her because she's white.

WTF 11.Jun.2003 23:57


That is truly shocking! I don't understand this at all...

St. John's incident doesn't surprise me one bit. 12.Jun.2003 18:06

oregrown@spiritone.com oregrown@spiritone.com

This is typical behavior from police precincts in Washington County, including Beaverton, Sherwood, Tigard, Hillsboro. This is not an isolated incident. It doesn't matter what color is violated, violation is all they want. This is a police state with legal gang members toting their badges and hiding behind our laws. They are worse than the gangs on the streets but just as ruthless, if not more because they are making a mockery out of our system. Too bad these police officers don't treat the gang members they way they treated this senior citizen. But they know better because retaliation would be inevitable and they are cowards hiding behind a badge. Little men that were once little boys that were bullied as children and instead of acting out the way the news portrays others that were bullied in their childhoods, such as serial killers, the Columbine shooters, and our own Kip Kinkel rampage, these civil servants, these police officers, take their aggressions out on anyone they want. Where does the buck stop? How many citizens are going to be walked all over before this injustice ends? Is this the way U.S. citizens are to be treated? Is this what we want? I hope this senior citizen seeks legal counsel, you know the attornies all the cops love to hate and sues the pants off the city of Portland! I'd rather see the money go to this individual, then go towards building a ridiculous ball park no one can afford to attend after it's built! Of course, the children that are being ripped off for their educations, won't even get the chance to see a baseball game because at the rate the school districts are going, none of our upcoming generations are going to be able to even read anything!

Re: St. John's incident doesn't surprise me one bit. 12.Jun.2003 19:00

Aaron John Shaver

I'd be more inclined to believe that these bullying officers were once bullies at school, the ones that were being bullied. Then again, most of the bullies with whom I was familiar were the dumb jocks, some of whom went on to play college sports.

DONT SHOOT!!!! 12.Jun.2003 23:57


Every time I come near an officer i feel like saying " oh, please don't shoot me!!!!"

Now, nearly a year later, I'm still 23.Apr.2004 21:35


but now I feel like saying "you sorry blue sonofabitch...kiss my ass" rather than....