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Oregon auctions off Old-Growth from Elliott State Forest

big big old old tree On Wednesday, June 18, the Oregon Department of Forestry auctions off some of the oldest trees left on state forest lands. The Lone Surprise Timber Sale contains dozens of centuries-old trees critically important to the declining Northern Spotted Owl population in the Elliott State Forest. This is in spite of Governor Kulongoski's campaign pledge not to cut old-growth.

The Lone Surprise timber sale (pictured) contains old-growth trees rarely found on the Elliott because, after the 1868 fire, the remaining old-growth was the first to be logged. Recent studies have found that these few remnant old-growth stands are vitally important to the survival of Owls on the Elliott, and recommends they not be logged. None the less, Roseburg Forest Products (541-679-3311) was seen cruising the sale to prepare a bid price. Why is Oregon Department of Forestry selling this forest to be clearcut when even Governor Kulongoski (503-378-3111) promised not to cut old-growth as a campaign pledge.

On the same day, the Larson Headwaters sale will be sold. ODF has rated this sale as "High Hazard for slope stability". The "probability" of a slope failure to enter a stream is rated as "High" and becoming a channelized debris flow is also rated "High". Downstream, Larson Creek still supports endangered salmon. But a NO tree-buffer (zero feet) will be left on the small tributaries flowing into Larson Creek, in spite of the landslide risk and endangered fish downstream. ODF claims cutting old-growth and clearcutting high-landslide-risk slopes in the Elliott is especially good for school children because the Elliott is "common school fund lands". The auctions on June 18 [occured] at 2:00 p.m. at the Coos District Oregon Department of Forestry, 63612 Fifth Road, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. 541-267-4136 (voice) and 269-2027 (fax). For more information see umpqua-watersheds.org/local/elliott_state_forest.html [ Read More ] [ http://umpqua-watersheds.org ]