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The City Repair Project presents Summer Solstice Revue

Benefit Concert to resurrect the T-Horse
Friday June 20th, 2003 8:00 PM
Red & Black Cafe (SE 22nd & Division: Portland, OR)
Featuring: Samusson & Tomassi and Debra Giannini
The City Repair Project will present the Summer Solstice Revue at 8pm Friday, June 20th at the Red & Black Café, SE 22nd & Division, Portland. The concert is a benefit to support the City Repair Project's famed T-Horse, a mobile teahouse which has served as a key City Repair focus for several years.

City Repair, known for its work in using physical spaces to create community, is adding an audio dimension to its efforts. The Summer Solstice Revue is a participatory live music event that celebrates the Sun's greatest energy in the cycle of the year. Performing at the event are duo Samusson & Tomassi and Debra Giannini.

Samusson & Tomassi have been performing their brand of post-industrial folk music for over ten years. Using small human stories to convey the bigger issues of our world, they treat their audiences with sweeping harmonies and engaging lyrics. A perfect complement to City Repair's placemaking projects, Debra Giannini will perform songs with a sense of place. Her music draws upon folk traditions to create new songs to transport listeners to places they've been or long to be, as well as places in the heart.

"City Repair works to engage all our senses in developing a sense of place," said Saskia Dresler of The City Repair Project. "The Summer Solstice Revue continues that work by creating a community musical celebration to involve us with the cycle of the year."

Songwriter Todd Samusson (Samusson & Tomassi) sees a direct link between the duo's music and the work of City Repair. "City Repair uses public spaces, physical forms, structure, and color to create human gathering spaces. We try to do it with songs. It's a natural partnership to add our music and Debra's (Giannini) to the mix."

WHAT: The Summer Solstice Revue
WHEN: 8pm Friday, June 20, 2003
WHERE: Red & Black Café, SE 22nd & Division, Portland

For more info, please contact Brian Bontempo (503) 781-0325  brian@mountainmeasurement.com

Members of the news media wishing to attend the event can be placed on the guest list by contacting Brian Bontempo at the information listed above.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org

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