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psychodub Bush's reelection chief coming to Oregon - June 12-15 to speak at the Western States Republican Leadership Conference being held at the Double Tree Hotel Jantzen Beach, 909 N. Hayden Island Dr. This story is running on the Associated Press' newswire right now. Note Kevin Mannix's talk about 'forest thinning' as one of the issues Bush will be emphasizing when he's campaigning in Oregon. Bush's campaign chief is speaking at a Friday luncheon, a great time to demonstrate at the conference.

On Saturday, Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Environmental Quality chairman James Connaughton will be speaking about how we need to destroy the national forests to save them, and why the public should be left out of the process as much as possible. Forest activists will be gathering outside the Jantzen Beach Double Tree hotel from 8:30 am to around noon or longer on Saturday to expose the fact that Republican forest policy agenda is being driven solely by the timber industry's desire for subsidized trees from public lands, not concerns about forest health or safety from forest fires. [ Read More ] [ Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th ]