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Social Workers say NO to Budget cuts

County Commissioners meeting
Thursday, June 12

501 SE Hawthorne
Rally at 9 a.m., meeting starts at 9:30

cuts that kill On Thursday June 12th, 2003 at 9:30 am County Commissioners will be meeting to finalize the 2003-4 Multnomah County budget. Commissioners have stated that they strongly support the replacement of $100,000 of previously cut funds back into homeless youth services. Hundreds of workers from all parts of the social service industry, concerned citizens, homeless youth, community leaders, and supporters from the Industrial Workers of the World and Portland Survival will be gathering to participate in the meeting's public forum and to hold a rally to demand adequate funding, no job losses, and restored services. Workers welcome the return of partial funding, but are adamant that the County Commissioners are not taking the crisis seriously enough and that $100,000 is just a drop in the bucket.

Workers will be assembling at 8:30am at the Multnomah County building at 501 SE Hawthorne. [ Read More ] [ Thursday Rally at County Commissioners meeting to protest cuts | PortlandSurvivor.org | Monday Town Hall Meeting Avoids the Real Questions: Funding Biotech seems to take precedence... ]

Cut all funds 12.Jun.2003 04:00

analog kid analogkid@nukevet.com

Cut all funds to this office now.

The 'homeless youth' like being bums and no amount of 'social services' is going to change that. The 'social workers' are enablers. It is their job to make the 'homeless youth' feel better about themsevles and being bums. Anytime you make stupid people feel better about being such, they will continue to do the things that keep them where they are. Which is exactly where IWW wants you.

I was a 'homeless youth' from 1989 to 1993. Raoming between Sac and Seattle. I now own my own home and will be buyung another soon. How did I do this, you ask? I got off my ass and got a job. Then I went to school and got a better job. The enablers would never make that suggestion. And that is why they need to lose their jobs.

hate mongrel 13.Jun.2003 20:53


Please, fellow human beings, check out nukevet website, where analog kid gets his email. See what he says about Rachel Corrie