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Bush is coming to town, and we need strength in numbers!
Bush is in town sometime between June 12-15 to speak at the Western States Republican Leadership Conference being held at the Double Tree Hotel Jantzen Beach, 909 N. Hayden Island Dr. Visit www.wsrlc.org for more information. DICK cheney and laura BUSH are invited to speak as well. They are not releasing at what time or day he will be there. But if we can gain enough persons to be there, I believe it can be an opportunity for a awesome stand against this murderer. Be there. We need all the help we can get. Please reply to this article if you are planning to be there so I can get some feeling for who's all interested.
bush? 09.Jun.2003 11:20

Pink Panther

Where are you getting the info that Shrub? will be there? The website states only that he's invited. This info has been posted numerous times here and there will be a big progressive showing to "welcome" the Repubs to Portland, Bush or no Bush. Here's one of many actions taking place:

Bush will not be here 09.Jun.2003 12:00


According to an Oregonian article yesterday, Bush will not be here for the Republican Leadership Conference. Karl Rove apparently will be here, and there's a possibility that Cheney will come. Here's the article:


what's the difference? Karl Rove is *Bush's Brain* anyways 09.Jun.2003 12:34

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

George W. Bush and Karl Rove

same damn thing

One is the other. One is a puppet, the other is a puppeteer.
George is the fratboy face, Karl is the genius behind Goerge's political career.
Karl deserves the same treatment as Bush.
Protesting Bush's Brain is good enough for me.

the book;
Boy Genius: Karl Rove, the Brains Behind the Remarkable Political Triumph of George W. Bush
by Lou Dubose, Jan Reid, Carl M. Cannon

the review;
The career and canny rise to power of Karl Rove, the man President Bush calls "boy genius" and some Texans call "Bush's brain," gets a thorough rundown in this entertaining political bio by longtime journalists Dubose, Reid and Cannon. In a breezy, critical style, the authors recount Rove's early fascination with politics, his first political "job" (as a teen rally organizer for Utah Senator Wallace F. Bennett's 1968 re-election campaign) and his first big political prank (stealing stationery from an opposing campaign and inviting outsiders to headquarters for "free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing"). In 1980, Rove, who'd spent the previous decade in Washington, D.C., moved to Texas, in part to help with Bush pere's first run for president. He saw vast potential for Republicans in Texas, though it had long been Democratic Party stronghold; during the next 20 years, more than any other single person, Rove turned Texas into a "Republican state." He courted conservative Democrats and recruited attractive, little-known candidates; he built disciplined, well-funded campaign organizations; he reached out to wealthy, conservative constituencies; he used negative information, whether true or not, to derail opposing campaigns; he sometimes fielded several candidates to beat an opponent; and he campaigned not just to win but to destroy his challengers. He also nurtured George W. Bush into a formidable force. (He said, "Political hacks like me wait a lifetime for a guy like this to come along.") Early on, Rove played to Bush's strengths, limiting most of his public appearances to small gatherings and reminding him to repeat the simple themes of his campaigns. As the book puts it about his race against Gov. Ann Richards, "the marathoner Bush just kept coming, always on message." Somewhat snide but definitely enlightening (on the cover "Boy" appears under Bush's picture while "Genius" appears under Rove's), this account offers a detailed look at one of the most powerful politicians in the U.S.

Call to action? 09.Jun.2003 13:28


Are we going to send out a general call to action to all of the activist groups in town or is this one too small-time to get that kind of attention? I remember the Bush protest last summer collected a large assortment of groups and garnered quite a large crowd for itself. I know that this kind of stuff is everyone's responsibility and if i want something done i should do it myself. Just asking what kind of interest has already been expressed. Would be nice to see some affinity groups and direct action blocs present to welcome the bastards. Give these goons the message that Portland isn't the place for them to meet to plan their agendas and what not.

Let's Hit the (Jantzen) Beach! 09.Jun.2003 15:12

Lars the infidel

Hey, although the Resident has apparently bowed out of the PDX GOP event, and Cheney is only a maybe, we still need to stay on our toes.

Remember when Shrub visited the North Portland school in January 2002?! The authorities put out false information just before his appearance regarding his ETA. Then after most of the demonstrators cleared out, Dubya rushes in for the unaccosted warm and fuzzy photo-op.

Maybe he pulls another surprise here this time. Bad karma indeed for those of us who want to show that bastard how we feel about his murderous foreign invasions and relentless economic attacks on America's poor and the working class.

Maybe it's best if we all just plan on making a stand at the Janzten Beach DoubleTree Hotel throughout the upcoming conference. Everyone get out there starting Thursday and picket/march til the cows come home. Little Beirut needs to show its teeth once again.

If Rove and Cheney are there, that's good enough for me. See you all in beautiful Janzten Beach!

Let's not wait for any group to get things going. We all know this is where we should be!

Who is coming 09.Jun.2003 15:52

orgop mole

I am registered for the conference and have an inside track on this conference. As usual, for purposes of keeping my identity secret, I can't tell you how I heard this, but I have it from a reliable authority that NONE of the big wigs (Bush / Cheney / Rove) will be here this time - only a White House staffer. I don't know if it is because of the action we put on last time or not. But they are not planning to attend. They are saying that they "might" to try to get attendance up.

The Hydra has many heads. 09.Jun.2003 16:54


Who cares if G.W. or Dick or Rove or any of the other figureheads of the current administration are there? This is the Western Stats Republican Leadership Conference! The Repub. Players from the West will be there. Compasionate Conservatives and evil corporate whore-mongers as well. The xtian right and the moderate representitive will also be in attendance. All that is needed is a full scale black-bloc party right outside their gates to let the pork barrel preachers and their big-business butt- buddies know that the american people are not happy with the half-cocked bullshit that passes as governance these days.
If this blows over without even a byline at the bottom of the CNN news show I am leaving Cascadia to defend the resources of Zimbabwe.

Hope to see everyone there.

baton rouge 09.Jun.2003 18:05

patriot act

baton rouge... again.

Leaving Cascadia to Defend the Resources of Zimbabwe 09.Jun.2003 20:51

is a good idea

and any other country suffering because of our consumptive lifestyles... sounds like a pretty good idea! If you got the resources to defend other folks' resources, I'd say go for it! And let folks know about what is going on outside our little bubble called stumptown...

Cascadia Summer 09.Jun.2003 22:22


there is a protest organized by cascadia summer on june 14th at 9. It would be a good idea to organize what your doing with this.

Bush's reelection chief coming to Oregon 10.Jun.2003 11:15

Associated Press

This story is running on the Associated Press' newswire right now. Note Kevin Mannix's talk about 'forest thinning' as one of the issues Bush will be emphasizing when he's campaigning in Oregon. Bush's campaign chief is speaking at a Friday luncheon, a great time to demonstrate at the conference. On Saturday, Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Environmental Quality chairman James Connaughton will be speaking about how we need to destroy the national forests to save them, and why the public should be left out of the process as much as possible. Forest activists will be gathering outside the Jantzen Beach Double Tree hotel from 8:30 am to around noon or longer on Saturday to expose the fact that Republican forest policy agenda is being driven solely by the timber industry's desire for subsidized trees from public lands, not concerns about forest health or safety from forest fires.

Bush's re-election chief coming to Oregon

SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- In a sign that the 2004 presidential race already is heating up in Oregon, President Bush's re-election chief will be in the state this week to discuss campaign strategy with the party faithful.

The occasion is the Western States Republican Leadership Conference, a four-day event that begins Thursday in Portland and is expected to draw some of the country's top Republican strategists.

Among them will be Bush's newly appointed campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, who will be keynote speaker at a Friday luncheon.

State Republican Chairman Kevin Mannix said Oregon is one of the first stops on Mehlman's itinerary since his appointment several weeks ago to oversee Bush's bid for a second term.

"This shows how important Oregon is to the president's re-election campaign," Mannix said Monday.

Republicans view Oregon as one of a dozen middle-sized swing states where a Bush victory could help offset expected Democratic victories in larger states such as Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Mannix predicted that Bush will personally campaign in Oregon next year and will emphasize Western issues such as forest thinning efforts to reduce wildfire danger and getting water to farmers in the Klamath Basin.

"He has paid close attention to issues that are critical to Oregon," Mannix said.

Mannix was elected GOP chairman in January after U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith went public with an effort to shake up the Oregon Republican Party and oust the party's previous leaders.

Smith's aim was to install more effective leaders to try to ensure victory for President Bush in traditionally Democratic Oregon, where Bush lost to Al Gore by a whisker in 2000.

Democrats believe, however, they can keep Oregon in their column in 2004. They think Bush's approval ratings with voters could shrink by this time next year, especially if the economy is still in the doldrums.

Portland pollster Tim Hibbitts said Monday that given the wide-open nature of the Democratic presidential race and Bush's "reasonably good" approval ratings, Bush could prevail in Oregon.

"He certainly has a chance to carry Oregon next year," Hibbitts said. "But absent further terrorist attacks, the main issue in the race is going to be the economy, and right now Oregon has one of the worst economies. That could complicate the situation for Bush."

bush or no bush: ORGANIZE!!! 10.Jun.2003 20:14

JP CUPP anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

Regardless or if bush comes we should have a show of force from a broad range of militants and revolutionaries against The occupation in iraq, and imperialism in general. i am against the defeatest spirit of the anti war movement. this is not the time for quiting, the usa will be defeated but it is a prolonged struggle. let's connect it with economic issues at home such as unemployment, and hit these fuckers hard!!!

img 10.Jun.2003 22:53



comrades in pdx-mark your calendars-sep 2004 in nyc! 11.Jun.2003 10:26

rncnotwelcome.org info@rncnotwelcome.org

check out our site

you are ALL invited!!!!

storm the beach now! 13.Jun.2003 11:40


check this out -- all the media are at the republican hydra conference right now (friday the 13th). u need to try to get there now to get the message out and expose the republikans. 7 pm will b e too late -- they are all going out to a corporate paid-for reception by then! my friend who's down there said as many people as possible should get there in the early afternoon!