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CLOSE HLS - All The Info You Need for This Week's JAPANESE WEEK OF ACTION!!

HLS cites Japanese contracts as vital to the lab's survival, comprising at least 20% of its businees. This week, animal activists are declaring a global week of protests against Japanese customers. These people pay HLS to torture animals. Until YOU put an end to it!
Below you will find addresses, phone numbers, and corporate directors of HLS's Japanese business affiliates: the lab's sales office, CBC, and three Japanese customers documented as having contracted with HLS at least as recently as 2001: Sumitomo, Yamanouchi, and Saten.


New York (headquarters)
Sumitomo Corporation of America
600 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016-2001
Ph: (212) 207-0700
Fx: (212) 207-0456

Sumitomo Corporation of America
Six Concourse Parkway, Suite 2150
Atlanta, GA 30328-5351
Tel: 770.399.3160
Fax: 770.399.4690
E-mail:  yutaka.awakawa@sumitomocorp.co.jp

Sumitomo Corporation of America
Two Prudential Plaza
180 North Stetson, Suite 4600
Chicago, IL 60601-6710
Tel: 312.540.5000
Fax: 312.616.1041

Sumitomo Corporation of America
7600 E. Orchard Road, Suite 310-S
Greenwood Village, CO 80111-2520
Tel: 303.623.2236
Fax: 303.221.5664

Sumitomo Corporation of America
The American Center Building
27777 Franklin Road, Suite 1000
Southfield, MI 48034-2337
Tel: 248.353.2320
Fax: 248.553.8661

Sumitomo Corporation of America
1000 Louisiana, Suite 6800
Houston, TX 77002-5014
Tel: 713.653.8400
Fax: 713.658.9246

Los Angeles
Sumitomo Corporation of America
444 South Flower Street, Suite 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2949
Tel: 213.627.4783
Fax: 213.489.3000
Fax: 213.623.7849

Northern California
Sumitomo Corporation of America
5150 El Camino Real, Suite C31
Los Altos, CA 94022
Tel: 650.237.4191
Fax: 650.938.5189

Sumitomo Corporation of America
2300 Computer Avenue, Suite A5
Willow Grove, PA 19090-1733
Tel: 215.830.0960
Fax: 215.830.0965

Sumitomo Corporation of America
5000 USX Tower
600 Grant Street, Suite 5000
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2702
Tel: 412.391.1892
Fax: 412.765.2623

Sumitomo Corporation of America
1300 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2800
Portland, OR 97201-5667
Tel: 503.226.3271
Fax: 503.220.0233

Washington, D.C.
Sumitomo Corporation of America
800 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20006-2709
Tel: 202.785.9210
Fax: 202.861.0690



Yamanouchi Pharma America, Inc.
S. 61 Paramus Rd., Mack Centre IV, 4th fl.
Paramus, NJ 07652
Ph: (201) 291-2556

Yamanouchi Venture Capital LLC and,
Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies, Inc.
Stanford Research Park
1050 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Ph: (650) 849-8753
Fx: (650) 849-8750/8505

Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies (Manufacturing Center)
613 Cedar Lane Rd.
Norman, OK 73072-8106



New York (Long Island):
Chugai International Corp. (CBC)
55 Mall Drive
Commack, NY 11725-5714
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-2420
Toll Free: (800) 422-6707

California (near L.A.):
20521 Earl Street
Torrance, CA 90503
Ph: (310) 793-1500
Fx: (310) 793-1506
Toll Free: (800) 888-0131

Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9710

Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-2420

Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9603

General Information
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-2420

Human Resources
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-2420

Plastics & Resins Division
Tel: (631) 864-4343
Fax: (631) 864-8151

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Division
Tel: (631) 864-9700
Fax: (631) 864-9710

CCTV Security Division:

CCTV Division - CA
Ph: (800) 888-0131
Fx: (310) 793-1506

CCTV Division - NY
Ph:(800) 422-6707
Fx:(631) 543-5426

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Division
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9710

Flooring Division
Ph: (800) 446-5476
Fx: (631) 864-8151
Ph: (800) 446-5476
Fx: (631) 864-8151

Industrial Optics/Machine Vision
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9710

Multimedia Division
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9710

Plastics & Resins Division
Ph: (631) 864-4343
F: (631) 864-8151

Precision Instruments Division
Viscometer Products
Ph: (631) 864-9700
Fx: (631) 864-9710


***Santen Inc.***

Santen Inc. was established in 1993 in Napa, California. The unit focuses on sales and marketing, research and development as

well as registration of new products. The first Santen products on the U.S. market were launched in theyear 2000. Santen's

brands in the USA are Quixinª (anti-infective), Betimol¨ (anti-glaucoma) and Alamastª (anti-allergy).

Santen Inc.'s purpose is also to establish and maintain relationships with leading universities and research centers in the


Santen Inc. currently employs about 250 people.

Santen Inc & Santen Holdings U.S. Inc
555 Gateway Drive
Napa, CA 94558
Tel: (707) 254 1750
Fax: (707) 254 1755/3648/1769/0650
E:  info@santeninc.com,  info@santen-inc.com
W: www.santen-inc.com , www.santeninc.com

Top People

Adrienne Graves - President and CEO.
Photo at:  http://www.optistock.com/profiles/santen.htm for a photo

Scott Zion - Senior Vice President of Santen, Inc.

Richelle Brown - Director, Marketing Communications
Tel: (707) 256-2418
Fax: (707) 254-3648
Email:  rbrown@santeninc.com

Pamela Gleeson - VP & Controller
Possible emails:  pgleeson@santeninc.com or  pgleeson@santen-inc.com

Jeff Wells - VP of clinical & regulatory affairs
Possible emails:  jwells@santeninc.com or  jwells@santen-inc.com

Robert Kellar - Senior VP of Manufacturing
Possible emails:  rkellar@santeninc.com or  rkellar@santen-inc.com

Rosemarie Vertollo - VP of sales and marketing;

Todd Galles - Director of Marketing.
Possible emails:  tgalles@santeninc.com or  tgalles@santen-inc.com

Leo Otero - Product Director, Anti-Infectives
Possible emails:  lotero@santeninc.com or  lotero@santen-inc.com

Other people
Bruce Riddell - Public Relations

Camisha Washington
Email:  cwashington@santeninc.com BOUNCING

Human Resources:
E:  resume@santeninc.com
F: (707) 254-1769

IP Department
Fax: 707 254 1769
Email:  ip@santeninc.com

IT Department
Email:  networkservices@santeninc.com

Kathryn Davidson
Email:  kdavidson@santeninc.com - BOUNCING
Tel: 707 256 1418

Dave Tobey
24712 Sarah Lane
Lake Forest, Cal 92630
949-462-3285 (work)
949-859-3103 (home)

Advanced Vision Science, Inc.
5743 Thornwood Drive
Goleta, CA 93117

Toll Free: 800-235-5781
Customer Service: Ext. 224
Sales: Ext. 223
Phone: 805-683-3851
Fax: 805-964-3065

Email:  contactus@avsiol.com - possibly dud
Web: advancedvisionscience.com
Formerly known as Surgidev (Corp) now one of itÕs brand names)

No emails identified as yet.

Only named employees found so far are
1) Peter Babich

2) Margaret Aldred

Phacor Inc
3485 Sacramento Drive, Suite l,
San Luis Obispo,
California 93401
Tel: 805 546 1818
Fax: 805 546 1826

website 07.Jun.2003 16:26


ummm... 09.Jun.2003 14:26

volatile tranny

does anyone else think that this is really racist for focusing on a group of contributors from a certain nation? Sure, maybe Japanese companies account for 20% of the contributions, but who accounts for the other 80%? American companies, maybe? Why not target all of them?

Living in Japan 09.Jun.2003 19:52


Japanese people are among the most ignorant in the world because of the coporate society that dominates them. Anything to wake them up. It's not racism if you see the reason for their faults as not based on genetics but on society/culture/history and isolation.

These people are the model for the perfect consumer. They don't know the definition of question.

Racism?? 10.Jun.2003 06:15

not quite...

When 20% of HLS's client base is all coming from one small area, like Japan, and is the only place in the world a client base for HLS could possibly grow if left unchecked -

its not racism, its strategic.

customer campaign 10.Jun.2003 06:18


There is a customer campaign going on where customers are being targeted all over the US, the UK, Europe and Japan.


"these people"?? 11.Jun.2003 18:24

sick of it

considering predominance of whiteness among animal rights peeps in north amerikkka, i'm not surprised by the language, message, and "strategy" here....

"a global week of protests against Japanese customers. These people pay HLS to torture animals. Until YOU put an end to it!"
....yeah, these people. just think of the language here...."against japanese customers"
youre signaling out japanese people, not evil corporate animal abusers!!! think about it!
isnt that language enough, instead of pointing out race?

the way youre going about this isnt what you may intend and that seems to be the problem. you may not intend to come off as a racist, but youre language is soaked in white supremist thought.

and i dont mean to marginalize the contiubtions of people of color all over the world (including n. amerika) who arent white and doin bad ass animal rights actions, but really, the north amerikan animal rights movement is predominantly white for a reason.

i just love it when they take charge and make the world their own.

and problems here are apparent by the defensive posts in response to the mere question of racism.
always on the defense, never with an open ear.
whats up with y'all??????