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Progressive Vaudeville at Red & Black Wants YOU to perform!!

WHAT: Progressive Vaudeville, hosted by PDX Greens
WHEN: June 27th, 8pm, red and black cafe
WHY: frivolity keeps us from taking things too seriously
HOW: improv theatre, standupspokenword, cabaret, acoustic acts, sketch comedy
WHO: you, me, and other people around town
Now, we are getting down to business...there are enough folks out there that have responded with resounding enthusiasm for performance art that coalesces with activist culture here in portland...well, let the show happen...the show itself will be based on informal sessions where original material will be created and discussed....brainstorming, socializing, improvising, and other forms of merriment (or languid cynicism) will commence this Saturday evening at a location very close to the red and black...if you are interested call chris at 503 233 8542 or send me an email at  fiftytwoseven@yahoo.com and you will recieve more juicy details...I have heard back from several musicians, actors, spoken wordists, and singers and most of them I have never even met before...so, don't be bashful...let us come togeather, put all our differences aside, and create something that the progressive/activist community could use a little more of....humor and cameraderie...hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....toodles

phone: phone: 503-233-8542

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