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10 Ways to Plug in to the Sacramento Mobilization

10 ways to help mobilize for sacramento
Something historic is underway in Sacramento. People from around the world
who are concerned about democracy, justice, human rights, the environment,
workers, biotechnology, the safety of our food and our collective future
are uniting to raise their voices in opposition to the corporate take over
of the food supply. The Sacramento Ministerial on Agriculture, Science and
Technology is an immense opportunity to educate and mobilize the public
around sustainable agriculture, community democracy and a just,
ecologically sane future.

Join in the fun! Here are 10 Ways to Plug in to the mobilization and Change
the World:

1. Educate Yourself!
Empower yourself with the facts! Check out  http://www.sacmobilization.org
and find out what this Ministerial is all about and how the closed door
discussions between some of the world's largest and most destructive
corporations and government officials from around the globe will affect all
of us. Learn why so many people all over the planet are speaking out
against biotechnology, irradiation, pesticides, corporate globalization and
the take over of the food supply by corporate agribusiness. Learn about
the alternatives like organic farming, community-supported agriculture,
local democracy and people's globalization movements.

2. Spread the word!
Tell your friends and family! Forward the Call to Action. Announce the
mobilization at local meetings. Include the website
 http://www.sacmobilization.org in your email signature. Put a sign up in
your window promoting the mobilization.

3. If you are in Sac or Davis Area: House an Out of Town Guest!
Concerned citizens from around the world will be coming to Sacramento to
confront the corporate take over of the food system. Do you have a spare
bed, a couch, floor space or a back yard where people could stay? Could
your church or union hall open up its basement? Do you know someone with a
big field for people to camp in? Contact  sachousing2003@yahoo.com or call
NOW: 916-821-0177.

4. Provide a Donation!
Food, Office Supplies, Furniture, or any of the items listed on the
sacmobilization wishlist:  http://sacmobilization.org/article.php?id=87 are
needed to make the vision of the mobilization possible...

5. Give Money!
Organizing requires money for everything from phone calls to photocopies,
march permits to meeting rooms. Your donation could help a farm worker,
representative of a pesticide-impacted community or a campesino leader come
to the ministerial and make their voice heard! You can send donations to:
address here. If you'd like to make a large tax-deductible donation of $500
or more, email:  info@sacmobilization.org

6. Attend Local Meetings/Regional Spokescouncils!
The Sacramento coalition for sustainable agriculture (SacCSA) meets
Every Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm.
Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento
2425 Sierra Blvd. Sacramento, CA.
Two blocks north of Fair Oaks Blvd. between Howe and Fulton.

Regional spokescouncils for Afiinity Group nonviolent action planning are:
Saturday June 14th at 4 PM at the Welcome Center at 12th & C Sts:
Friday June 20th at 7 PM (Location TBA) and every evening through the

7. Endorse!
96 organizations have endorsed the mobilization. Can we break 100? Get your
local organization to endorse the call to action and the mobilization and
post it on  http://www.sacmobilization.org/endorse.php

8. Write a Letter to the Editor! Call in to the Radio!
Your local paper and community wants to know why You will be in the
streets to protest the Sacramento Ministerial. Call into your favorite
talk radio show and explain why you will take action to stop the corporate
takeover of our food and future.

9. Attend the events in Sacramento and bring 10 friends!
The Convergence opens on Friday June 20th with trainings and meetings, and
continues with a teach-in counter conference, concerts, organic food fair,
nonviolent direct actions, and the Rally to Reclaim our Food and our Future
at 10 am, Monday June 23rd at the west steps of the Capitol building in
Sacramento. Events continue through Wednesday with a high profile panel
discussion, spokescouncil meetings, media events, roundtable discussion,
and more! For a full schedule see

10. Form an Affinity Group and Begin Planning Actions.
There is a call for non-violent direct action in the streets of Sacramento
to join the world in saying no more hunger, no to Genetically Engineered
foods, stop GE trees and fish, and to decry corporate trade deals that
steal the food from our tables. Not sure where to start? Attend a training
here in Sac and plug into the regional spokescouncil meetings--for a
schedule see  http://www.sacmobilization.org/calendar.php

Together we will make history in Sacramento! Plug in to the Convergence... .

To get involved locally contact Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering. Sacramento Mobilization meetings are every monday at 6:30pm at 1421 SE Stark St. 503.239.6841 www.nwrage.org email:  info@nwrage.org
The Mother of All Communal Kitchens 07.Jun.2003 11:59

Craig Stehr ebfnb@ebfnb.org

Please know that East Bay and Sacramento Food Not Bombs, Berkeley Catholic Worker, and Seeds of Peace are cooperating to create a mini food warehouse, and will be cooking at the Mother of All Communal Kitchens at the Showdown in Sacramento June 20-25. You are welcome to join with us.

3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705