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Seattle (LEIU) terror investigation?

What is the status of those arrested at LEIU?
There was a post on portland IMC regarding the possibility that three individuals associated with the Seattle IMC and/or organizing the LEIU protest (I can't remember at this point) who were arrested for trespassing may be getting investigated for links to a supposed 'terrorist organization'. Unless I am mistaken, this post has been removed from portland IMC. It was in the features column.

Also, the original post on Seattle IMC has been modified so that the information in the original post about the phone call received from one of these three people which prompted the post was deleted, as was a clarification of the original post.

Why was this done? Was the original post simply untrue, or was it done for legal reasons, etc.? Please clarify.
link to original seattle link 06.Jun.2003 11:44


The original poster's info has been deleted:


update 06.Jun.2003 15:17

indy geek

The original poster and those arrested both requested the stories and feature be removed. They are in limbo until the general meeting.

Clarification 06.Jun.2003 21:02


I first raised concerns about the veracity of this story. Now the above comment makes me concerned. What general meeting are you refering to? Please clarify.

re: Bakunin 07.Jun.2003 06:49

indy geek

the indymedia meeting

have they been released? 07.Jun.2003 14:20


Were they released, or are they still in custody?

they have been released 08.Jun.2003 10:10


Yes, they were released.