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June 20 -- National Day of Prayer-- Sunrise Ceremony at Capitol Buildings!

we need you! come join us in:

national day of prayer for protecting sacred places from further threats
Join California Indian peoples, nations and organizations at the Sacramento State Capitol on June 20, 2003 for a sunrise ceremony and mid-morning
address of words and wisdom.

This is a grassroots effort, in conjunction with the many other areas, such as Washington D.C. in conducting a National Day of Prayer.

Accommodations are very limited. Please bring your own blanket or chair, water and food. Get there 1-2 hours before sunrise. For more info.

Mark LeBeau, Pitt River Radley Davis, Pitt River Phil D. Hunter,
Yokuts Mickey Gemmill, Pitt River
(916) 929-9761 (530) 275-1650 (559) 781-4271
(530) 242-4510