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Call for a pagan cluster in Sacramento

The following is a message from Starhawk to all who will come join us in Sacramento. Pagan clusters will be going to Sacramento to help defend the diverstiy and peace of the world. Please join us!

Join the Sacramento Mobilization! June 20-25

Call for a Pagan Cluster- a message from Starhawk

On June 23-25, agricultural ministers from WTO nations have been invited to Sacramento to be treated to days of US lobbying to reach international agreements on acceptance of genetically altered food (sometimes know as Frankenfood), as part of a lead-up to the WTO summit in September, and a giant expo highlighting the wonders of industrial agriculture and biotechnology. From June 20-25, concerned people will converge in Sacramento to educate the public, and to protest and disrupt the meeting in five days of teach-ins, a legal, permitted march and rally, and nonviolent direct action.

A large Pagan Cluster is gathering to support these actions. We invite you to join! Here's some of what we could be doing:
***A summer solstice ritual?probably on Friday, June 20 in the afternoon, or on Saturday June 21, 9 AM, although that's still under discussion. A ritual/direct action/occupation could also be in the works for Sunday, June 23.
***Coordinated magic to support the actions.
***Magical activism trainings at the convergence space.
***An ongoing emotional/spiritual healing space that will be set up in conjunction with the medics throughout the action. Could we take responsibility for seeing that it is staffed?
***Nonviolent direct action, as affinity groups or clusters, around the themes of blood, money, earth and life. The only limits are our creativity and our commitment to nonviolence.

To participate in the planning and organizing, please join the livriv@yahoogroups.com by sending an email to livriv-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and putting 'subscribe' in the subject line.

Nonviolent direct action trainings are being organized in Sacramento, San Francisco, Marin county and the north coast of California. Check here for details or check www.sacmobilization.org for more information on the action.

The uncontrolled release of genetically altered and engineered organisms poses one of the greatest threats to the health and resilience of the interconnected web of life. Genetically modified corn plants have already brought us pollen that kills monarch butterflies and pollution of the gene pool of the original ancestors of corn. Monsanto's 'terminator' seed threatens the viability of wild seed and plant stocks. We have no way of knowing what long term health effects will be caused by eating modified food, yet the Bush administration is exerting all its weight to force reluctant countries to open their doors to GMOs, genetically modified organisms.

The US has recently stepped up its campaign to force the rest of the world to accept genetically modified food, suing the European countries who reject GMOs in the WTO, and tying AIDS money to African countries to their acceptance of genetically modified food. African countries, in the past, have basically said they'd rather go hungry than accept the stuff, as it poses a long-term risk to their food supply.

Via Campesina, the largest organization of small farmers in the world, has asked us to take action to oppose this meeting. The forest defenders of Cascadia Summer are coming to protest GMO trees. The convergence is already shaping up to be one of the most powerful global justice actions in the U.S. since Seattle. And because it's close to the home turf of many of us, we can have deep involvement in the overall organization and shaping of the actions.

Phone: 916-497-1111

Website: www.sacmobilization.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.starhawk.org/activism/activism-writings/sacramento.html

So mote it be 06.Jun.2003 11:27

Mountain Woman

What serves life
will stand,

What does not, fall

The Power is in your hand,
Love changes all

Let the river of life run through us.
Let us all be courageous

Now is the time to stop this thing
We have it in you to do so

The Poem 07.Jun.2003 09:00


I understand the poem perfectly. It is very real world. There is a group of people who have taken over as many resources as possible in the world so they can control everything. The most powerful thing they have done is to control the minds and spirits of the people. People THINK they are powerless to fight this takeover. Because they THINK they are powerless, the act powerless.

This takeover of the spirit is the worse form of evil. It has happened before.

The poem is merely saying that if we will wake up, we will see what is important. It is not stuff, things, SUV's, houses, shitty jobs, etc. that is important. It is life.

The poem is saying that whether we like it or not there are certain rules in the universe that we cannot get by. We can pretend for a while that we humans can get away with anything through our power plays and wars, but in the end "What serves life will stand".

We only have to look to history, myths, and our own lives to see that "The power is in your hand".

What history? Look at the Farm workers movement, the civil rights movement, the movement for freedom in India under Ghandi. Three people were powerful enough to break the spell of helplessness and powerlessness. Many people worked to make the movement cause real social change. But, if you look at what Ceasar Chavez, Martin Luther King and Ghandi did, it was that they had the ability to speak to the people to remind them that "The power in your hand, Love changes all". When these leaders spoke the people woke up. Once the people began to believe again, there was no stopping them.

There are those who would tell us that our poems, words, songs and storytelling mean nothing. Either they have become hopleless, or they do not want the people to rise up.

It is too late. "What serves life will stand, What does not, fall. Get out of the way. Choose your side, our ranks are growing and we will not stopped.

The symbolism is everywhere. Open up your eyes and ears. The people are waking up.

Which pill will you choose? Red or blue?

Mother of All Communal Kitchens 07.Jun.2003 10:50

Craig Stehr ebfnb@ebfnb.org

Please know that East Bay and Sacramento Food Not Bombs, Berkeley Catholic Worker, and Seeds of Peace are cooperating to establish a mini food warehouse, and will be cooking at the Mother of All Communal Kitchens at the Showdown in Sacramento June 20-25. You are welcome to join with us .

3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705