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imperialism & war

Liar, Liar, Iraqs on Fire

Link to Great Site w/ excellent 8-1/2 x 11 graphics including Bush - Liar and Cheney - Bully Coming soon to a utility pole near you
This site "Insta Protest" has hundreds of high quality graphics and posters ready for easy printing and photo copying High contrast black and white images look great stapled high on phone poles in trendy neighborhoods (or your own!) Get the word out we are continuing to get screwed I put several dozen of these up in Sellwood in March and a few are still flying proudly despite all of the weather and republican rednecks we have had. Help to wake up the population and give Dumb and Dumber the coverage they really deserve - Print out your faves - Photocopy at work (it's cool with the boss - really) - Take a nice stroll with your stapler this weekend and GET THE WORD OUT