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Help Portland Activists Get On The Bus!

Fundraiser and art making party for Sacramento Mobilization! This Friday and Sunday.


NW RAGE is having a benefit concert to help raise money for transportation to and housing in Sacramento for the WTO protest there June 23 to 25.

Come to the Red and Black Caf? at 8 p.m. (or 6 for even more fun!) this Friday, June 6th to hear Mustapha Mond, Life At These Speeds, Desert City Soundtrack, and more! Help raise money to support activists who would like to go to Sacramento but are broke! Suggested donation is $5. Funds will be used to offset the costs of van rental, gas, etc.

NW RAGE will also be hosting a sign making party Sunday, June 8. Bring cardboard, bring paint, bring markers, bring whatever you need to make awesome art! Whatever you do, bring yourself!

For more information about the WTO meeting in Sacramento and how corporations are hijacking the world's food supply, come to NW RAGE's weekly planning meetings, every Monday night at 6:30 at 1421 SE Stark, or visit the Sacramento Mobilization Web site.

This June 20-25, the Bush administration, USAID, USDA, and the State Department are hosting government ministers from 180 nations and transnational corporate reps in a meeting to pave the way for 'free trade', privatization of water, and factory farming: agribusiness that drives family farmers off the land, hijacks the global food supply, and starves the poor. Stand in solidarity with people's movements and peasant farmers around the world to protest and disrupt this meeting. Free trade agreements such as the CAFTA and FTAA are most vulnerable on issues of agriculture - the global negotiations on these issues are crumbling and the WTO dispute over biotech is brewing. The Bush Administration wants to ensure agribusiness as usual.

Their agenda: Biotech foods, animals and forests... food irradiation... terminator seeds... 'free trade' for corporate crooks... pesticides and patents on life... biopiracy... widening the gap between the rich and poor...privatization of water, indigenous wisdom, seeds, biodiversity, and the genetic building blocks of life itself...

Our response: A festival of diverse resistance to big biotech, bioimperialism, the Bush Administration and 'free trade'. Non-violent direct action, marches, rally, teach-in, alternative expo and more to confront the corporate agenda of 'free trade' and war on the earth! Demand food sovereignty, safe food and farmers' rights!

Join us the streets of Sacramento for a five-day convergence of action and education! We will join the world in saying no more hunger, no more genetic engineering, no patents on life and no WTO!

homepage: homepage: http://www.sacmobilization.org

Please Participate at the Mother of All Communal Kitchens 07.Jun.2003 12:04

Craig Stehr ebfnb@ebfnb.org

Please know that East Bay and Sacramento Food Not Bombs, Berkeley Catholic Worker, and Seeds of Peace are cooperating to create a mini food warehouse, and will be cooking at the Mother of All Communal Kitchens. You are welcome to join with us.

3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705

Time for Art Making.. 07.Jun.2003 18:53


Art and Banner making start at abou 4pm on Sunday the 8th at the NW RAGE office (1421 SE Stark)