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America System Map

Organic Model of America
Do you wade in and out of newspapers and websites everyday, reading everything in sight but still don't EXACTLY understand how the system is working? Yeah, me too.

How hard would it be to pull together a synopsis of America and how its various governmental bodies work? I'm aware that this is all High School Civics stuff, but a lot a lot has changed since I've been in high school and I'm certain there are more "agencies" nowadays. And nevertheless, what about all the people who've never been to high school, those who didn't care then but care now?

I think it would be very handy to have a quick reference guide, maybe even a non-sarcastic diagram(s) that shows how the current system functions. What could be more powerful in terms of basic knowledge of the government you live under than a succint and complex map of the way it works? It could also be an ongoing project with people revising, updating, editing, adding systems and subsystems to it, tracking the functions of the government, plugging in officials' names...

Anyone else interested in trying to stitch something like this together? It's so basic it's gotta work- maybe a website would be great- the design could incorporate room for growth... ahh, it's hot i'm high and things ain't working in the system or my mind...
Agree 06.Jun.2003 07:37

Arielle miriah@hotmail.com

I am in full agreeance with you. Even as we speak I am trying to develop a website that would do such a thing, among other focues. I live in Spokane, but that doesn't really matter, I would love to have any input on what else we could add on the website--and definatley creating a diagram of sorts is an awesome idea. Email me if you would like. thanks!