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Recall Vera Katz Committee Decides against Collaboration as BPA Goes Nutty

The Recall Vera Katz Committee has begun collecting signatures and has ruled out any possibility of collaboration with a competing right-wing recall group that is making wacko accusations of "race war." The other group says it will file its petition on Friday morning accusing the police of not being aggressive enough against peace activists.
Chief petitioner Marvin Moore of the Recall Vera Katz Committee, which has begun gathering signatures on a recall petition against Mayor Vera Katz, had strategized that in order to establish the focus of the campaign on police violence and the need for structural change in the police department, it would be necessary for his group to file before the competing Better Portland Alliance could do so. The BPA has been claiming that Katz is not pro-business enough and that the police are not aggressive enough.

The Recall Vera Katz Committee filed its recall petition on Tuesday, May 27. Although outmaneuvered, the BPA's initial response was calm when the next morning it send out a press release announcing that it would postpone its effort and instead contact the RVKC to obtain petitions because "the desire to recall Mayor Vera Katz spans the entire political spectrum in Portland." On Friday, BPA chair Jack Peek telephoned Moore. "We could agree that subsidizing a baseball stadium is a misuse of tax dollars," said Moore, "but we disagree on his claim that the shooting of Kendra James was neither racism nor police violence. Furthermore, Moore said that Peek blamed Katz for protesters. "Just because a few commuters were delayed by peace marchers when Bush illegally invaded Iraq is a really petty reason to recall the mayor," he said.

BPA director John Belgarde next suggested that Moore's group was "trying to confuse the issue." And then, says Moore, there came a series of increasingly bizarre and hostile Web postings and e-mails from Peek. "Your class warefare stance isnt (sic) very smart ... a very tiny group of anarcist (sic) that just want to start a war. Lets (sic) play recall together and then see after her rear is going south if we have any grounds to work for any more issues that can benifit (sic) all ... you have until noon on Tuesday to make up your mind. After that ... well, you FIGURE IT OUT. JACK PEEK" said one. "We had no idea Moore was filing ... HE KEPT IT SECRET!!!" complained another. "You aren't going to pull this off without us. Your 'wacko' stance makes my wacko stance,(you thnk I'm wacko)look sane ... you hurt people, you damaged property, your desire later this summer is to start a race war.... I SAW THAT at the rally for the girls (sic) shooting. You and I WANT Katz out, last chance to do it together, mark my words, last chance. Jack Peek" threatened a third.

The Recall Vera Katz Committee is using its campaign to call attention to escalating police violence in Portland, the mayor's failure to stop it, and the need for structural change in the police department.

Moore said he'd already decided that if the BPA wanted to circulate his group's petition, "a signature is a signature," but that he wouldn't officially collaborate with the BPA for rear that they would co-opt his campaign. "Their tacky and illiterate flyers were the first danger signal," he said. "And now these angry and, yes, wacko communications make it clear ;that there's no way whatsoever to work with them."

For more information, see the Web site at www.recallvera.ORG

homepage: homepage: http://www.recallvera.org
phone: phone: 503-972-8177
address: address: P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207

Damaging Signed Petitions 05.Jun.2003 23:11


Is it a crime to tear up a wacko right-wing petition instead of signing it? What recourse does the signature gatherer or its organization have? Of course, there could be some physical recourse, but what about legal or civil recourse?

damaging petitions? 06.Jun.2003 08:08


I have no idea what the law says about this, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't a criminal act. Effectively, a person doing this would be interfering with the initiative process. Surely that would be viewed in the same light as forging signatures.

On a practical level, once started, where would it end. "You" tear up "their" petitions, so "they" retaliate by tearing up "yours" and things quickly spiral downwards.

This doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

whats a little class was between friends? 06.Jun.2003 08:12


I could see this relationship not lasting. The notion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend leads to heartbreak. East county whitetrash cannot be trusted, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that some of the PBA folks were neo nazis.

As for destroying rightwing petitions, it is a crime so don't get caught.

The Better Portland Alliance 06.Jun.2003 08:33


Public comments have been made by some people associated with the Better Portland Alliance which may make the group appear to be more reactionary than it is in reality.

The Better Portland Alliance believes that we have serious problems in Portland due to mismanagement at City Hall. As the mayor, the buck stops at Vera Katz's desk.

We are not advocates of police violence. What we object to are the inconsistencies in police procedures with Mayor Katz acting as commissioner.

We are not rabidly pro business. We are concerned at the loss of businesses and jobs in Portland due to the taxation and zoning policies of City Hall. We believe that quality of life starts with a decent, living wage job.

We are not for the rich. We actually object to the fact that urban renewal give aways are structured to benefit the city elite and well connected. The amount of give aways under the Katz administration is equal to the amount we taxpayers just agreed to contribute through the Multnomah County supplemental income tax.

We object to fiscal waste and "pie in the sky" city projects.

Personally, I think Mr. Moore is sincere in his reason for a recall. I do not think, however, his message will enjoy a broad enough reception to ensure success. I think the BPA will be more successful in gathering the required number of signatures.

The main thing is, we need to get a recall of Vera Katz on the ballot.

Thanks for listening.

East county whitetrash? 06.Jun.2003 09:50


"East county whitetrash cannot be trusted"

What ... you only trust whitetrash on the west side?

Where the hell is this kind of hate-comment coming from?

whitetrash 06.Jun.2003 12:09


Yeah, yeah, I know the "W" word rubs people the wrong way. That is precisely why I use it. Historically, there has been very good "outreach" to the working class white community (if you can call it that) by the far right. Racism, while not created by capitalism, has certainly been used to the advantage of the employing class to keep the working class fragmented. Working class European-Americans who identify themselves as "conservative", vote against proper funding for essential public services, oppose unions, are willing to throw environmental concerns overboard for the promise of "jobs" (which seldom materialize, and if they do are low wage), and regard their suburban homeowner status as making them any different than residents of urban ghettos and barrios are misguided and easily dismissed by radicals. This is a failure of the left, and I plead guilty. Until, however, there is a concerted effort on the part of east county EAs to bridge the racial gap and unite along class lines, I will continue to call them what they are...whitetrash!

Issues in common 06.Jun.2003 13:18


There may be issues in common and goals in common between these two groups, but the cost of the alliance would be to work out compromises between the two groups to present a common front would cost time - the most valuable commodity in the recall.

Who can get to 30,000 signatures first? The RVKC can.

Where do i sign? 06.Jun.2003 16:25

Baghwan Vera

You can all bicker about this and that. All i want to know is, where is the legitimate petition to recall Vera? And, where do i sign?

End of story.

white trash? 06.Jun.2003 16:43


even if you don't want to invest in building a mass base amongst the actual working class that the left supposedly advocates for, at least look at it tactically.

east portland is generally described as everyone east of 82nd (in some circles it's every east of 39th but generally we'll go with 82nd). please go and look at a map just to see how large an area that is.

"white trash" makes up more than half of the city and if you want to really change things in portland, you'll have to get rid of your ego and loosen your politics so that they make sense to other people. i'm not saying to sell out, buy a wife-beater, and join the nra. but i am saying that writing people off because the right has done a good job of gathering together poor white people isn't going to further your mission.

why not dedicate some of your precious time to talking people east of 82nd, finding out what they want and how it's similiar? there are areas where the left and the right merge, and we need to find those places and utilize them.

don't forget that the poorest areas in portland are "white trash" and consistently get the short end of the stick from the city.

oh, and btw 06.Jun.2003 16:44


saying "i'm not going to talk to them until they talk me" fucking sucks.

Right on Vomitrom 06.Jun.2003 19:24


I live east of 82nd avenue, and you should talk to these people before making judgements. Many of the so called
"white trash" represent the grim statistic that this state owns regarding poverty numbers. They are not all right wing
nuts. These people have essentially been shafted by city, state and Federal policies. True, they are ripe for right wing
deception, but I don't ever see anyone from the left reaching out. One thing I can say, is that, at least in my neighborhood,
neighbors actually talk to each other. I know people in rich west end suburbs who have never met their neighbors.

why not? 26.Dec.2003 00:16


okay, so it's obvious democrats and independents have problems with Vera, and so do republicians. In fact, I think that in this case, it dosen't matter where you stand on the political spectrum, because no matter what your views you want something to be done about them, and she hasn't done anything about anyone's views. Ignoring our city's problems won't make them disappear. She's an apathetic leader and with ytension at high levels in our city, state and country we need leaders that are focused, strong and determined.