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Cascadia Summer Events

Upcoming events for Cascadia summer and Sacramento mobilization.
June 14th, 7:30pm, Free Speech Plaza, 8th and Pearl St, Eugene
Roadshow to Sacramento stops in Eugene for a fun and informative event to rally and inspire opposition to the biotech/GE/agriculture ministerial in Sacramento June 23-25 (carpools
from Eugene leave June 21) Members of the Oxygen Collective as well as Cascadia Summer activists will be traveling from Bellingham, WA to Sacramento, CA in their bio-diesel
tourbus. Come check it out and experience radical street theater, music, discussions and skills shares regarding globalization, Cascadia Summer and the Sacramento mobilization.

June 15, 10am, Straw Devil & Pryor timber sales hike
carpools leave from the Growers Market at 10am, bring lunch, water, and hiking boots. We'll be hiking through the forests of Straw Devil and Pryor, imminently threatened with
logging this summer.

June 20, 8pm, JohnHenry's Club, 77 West Broadway, Eugene
Benefit Concert for Cascadia Summer - The Ovulators, The Shudders, Tom Hienl, Danny Dolinger, and the Fabulous ThunderCraig.
suggested donation $7 and up sliding scale.

Also, every Saturday there are Cascadia Summer orientations and climb trainings at the Lorax Manor, 1648 Alder St, at noon. Soon, there will also be an orientation training on
Wednesday's as well, early evenings. details tba
Here's some Portland Cascadia Summer Events 05.Jun.2003 12:24


Here are some Portland area Cascadia Summer events:

Sunday, June 8 - Bark Hike to Juncrock and Hilynx timber sales, Mt. Hood National Forest
Carpools Will Leave The Daily Grind (Se Hawthorne& 40th) Promptly At 9:30 Am. Please arrive by 9:15 so we can check you in, arrange rides and give a brief overview of the day's plans.

This hike will visit some of the Mt. Hood National Forest's most beautiful old growth forests, unfortunately located in the Hilynx and Juncrock timber sales. These sales, which are adjacent to each other, target many of the remaining older forest stands in this unique area where fir, pine, hemlock, larch and yew all mingle. You'll experience the magic of Hilynx, which has a plethora of seeps and streams, and you'll see first hand what healthy stands of forest the Barlow Ranger District wants to log in the name of eradicating Indian Paint fungus and other natural diseases in the area. Bring food, water, rain gear, sturdy hiking boots, and be prepared to hike off trail.

Saturday, June 14, 9 am - Demonstration against public lands logging, destructive 'forest health' legislation, and the control the timber industry has over setting federal forest policy. The Double Tree Jantzen Beach Hotel, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland.

Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman, James Connaughton, will be addressing the Western Republican Leadership Conference, an annual conference for Republican leaders from 15 Western States. Walden was a main sponsor of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, which passed the US House of Representatives on May 20. The bill would drastically increase public lands logging by doing away with many environmental impact studies and curtailing public involvement in timber sale planning all in the name of reducing fire risk and improving forest health. The bill will encourage the logging of older, fire resistant trees deep in the forest to pay for 'fuels reduction' projects, increasing fire risk and destroying forests while doing little to protect communities and homes from wildfire. Bush and Cheney have also been invited to this conference which takes place at the hotel June 12 - 15. Oregon timber companies gave the Republican National Committee over $1 million in the 2000 campaign season to help elect Bush/Cheney/Walden and it is likely prominent timber company CEO's/Republican activists will be in attendance for this panel.

Thursday, June 19 - Cascadia Forest Revue, 8 pm at Burlingame Pizza (111 SW Ash in downtown Portand). Live music and fun with presentations on Cascadia Forest Alliance's current campaigns at the Solo timber sale and other controversial areas on Mt. Hood. Plus a guest speaker from the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge Campaign to update folks on threats to the Alaskan Wilderness from greedy oil companies and their political cronies.

ONGOING: Solo timber sale, Mt. Hood National Forest. Logging could begin any day at Solo, 167 of classic ancient forest scheduled for destruction in the Mt. Hood National Forest about 50 miles southeast of Portland. This campaign is active and rides, supplies and energetic people are always needed. Contact the Cascadia Forest Alliance at 503-241-4879 before heading out and we'll help coordinate supplies, ride-shares, and training/orientation.


Cascadia to Sacramento Roadshow 09.Jun.2003 12:23

ashlander-o2 collective


Cascadia to Sacramento
author: oxygen collective

The Oxygen Collective presents
Back to the Roots Roadshow - Expressions of Resistance
June 13 - 20, 2003
Southern Cascadia to Sacramento Convergence

As momentum builds to mobilize against bio-imperialism and the WTO agenda, the Oxygen Collective will lead a caravan from near the Canadian border to the Sacramento convergence. Priscilla, the Oxygen Collective's 40-foot biodiesel bus, will help to raise energy and highlight the shadowy issues being discussed behind closed doors in Sacramento. Come help us unravel the mythology of genetic engineering, industrial agriculture and corporate globalization. Meet others in your community who are heading south for the Sacramento convergence. The Oxygen Collective will perform a colorful multi-media presentation including costumes, puppets, street theater, excerpts from the film 'Fed Up,' and music with Becky White of the Sisters of the Revolution.

Back to the Roots roadshow schedule:

13 FRIDAY - Ashland - Elks Lodge - Wide Awake Benefit and Back to the Roots kick-off, 7pm
14 SATURDAY - Eugene - Free Speech Plaza, 7:30pm - dusk
15 SUNDAY - Portland - Liberty Hall - Benefit to send street medics to Sacramento, 7pm
16 MONDAY - Seattle - TBA
17 TUESDAY - Bellingham - TBA
18 WEDNESDAY - Olympia - Heritage Park, 4pm - dusk
19 THURSDAY - Redding - Caldwell Park, 5pm - dusk
20 FRIDAY - Sacramento - 5 day Festival in the Streets!

From June 23-25, 2003 the Ministers of Trade, Agriculture and Environment from around the world will meet in Sacramento, at a summit hosted by the US Department of Agriculture, USAID and the US State Department. This summit promotes industrial models of agriculture that enrich transnational and large-scale agribusiness interests while undermining the food security and welfare of the impoverished and disenfranchised peoples of the global South. It will push for a consensus on the review of the Agreement of Agriculture of the WTO in time for the 5th Ministerial Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, September 10-15, 2003. Through this meeting transnational corporations will push to expand the use of the untested and unlabeled products of agricultural biotechnology, which pose extraordinary risks to public health, farmer independence and the environment.

There has been a Call to Action from around the world.
Listen. Act.

Join the Sacramento mobilization and festival of diverse resistance, June 20-25. Non-violent direct action, marches, rally, teach-in, alternative expo and more to confront the corporate agenda and war on the earth! Demand food sovereignty, a safe and clean environment and farmers' rights!

For more information on the Back to the Roots Roadshow,
email:  lesley@o2collective.org
phone: 541.821.3882

Additional funds for this roadshow are still needed.
Please contact us if you are able to donate food, money or biodiesel.
The Oxygen Collective is a 501,c-3 non-profit sponsored by Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE).


And some Oly events 17.Jun.2003 00:08


Wednesday June 18th @ Heritage Park the Oxygen Collective (www.o2collective.org) will be visiting Olympia to give a teach-in on the upcoming protests at the WTO agricultural ministerial in Sacramento and Cascadia Summer developments throughout the region.

Friday June 20th @ 7 pm @ Traditions there will be a presentaion, videos and discussion. The film "Watch" will be shown, a documentary of the reknowned Olympia based 1999 campaign to save a forest and a timber town in Southern Washington. Folks involved with the campaign will be there to talk about it too!