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forest defense


Can we get a protest at the Forest Service building in Portland to show our solidarity with the valiant activists trying to protect our old growth and forests from corporate devatstation? I think we need a beginning of the summer rally, as like previous summers to accentuate our demands that we stop loggin old growth forests!!! Can Cascadia Forest Alliance or Cascadia Summer help in advertising and organizing??? Maybe a bunch of smaller pickets would help....
Can we get a protest at the Forest Service building in Portland to show our solidarity with the valiant activists trying to protect our old growth and forests from corporate devatstation? I think we need a beginning of the summer rally, as like previous summers to accentuate our demands that we stop loggin old growth forests!!! Can Cascadia Forest Alliance or Cascadia Summer help in advertising and organizing??? Maybe a bunch of smaller pickets would help....

Let's show the Forest dis-Service that we will not stand for their passive complicity with Bush's maniacal Forest Policy.....
LET"S DO IT!!! 05.Jun.2003 10:34


let"s shut it down , we should agree on a date for a large rally

Not a good idea!! 05.Jun.2003 11:58

Forest Defender

That could be bad news for the folks at CFA. I would give the feds a reason to come
down on them HEAVY! The region six headquarters have a restraining order on "CFA" whoever
that is. Since it is so ambigious they will come down heavy on CFA no matter who does it. If you
really want to help forest activist, go after the coroporations.

Here are a few suggestions:

BMC West (Lots of stories on Indy about whats going on there)
Freres Lumber (Check out stories on the Solo campaign)
Umpqua Bank (Also stories here)
Columbia Helicopters (REALLY FUCKED UP! Do shit with the CIA and log forests all over the world, build oil rigs in South America for Occidental and BP. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Headquartered here in PDX Metro area!)

Getting The Job Done 05.Jun.2003 15:33

Fuck The Feds

To Forest Defender: You are playing right into the feds hands ... do nothing in order to keep them from coming down on CFA.You are giving them total control.Shame on you for being so obliging.They love it when activists are well behaved nonconfrontational good little soldiers.You do what you must but let others do what they must in order to get the job done.

Ha 05.Jun.2003 21:31


What are you going to do? Dress up like trees and try to block the entrace to the building? Been done and accomplished nothing.

Get an education, and do something sustainable for your communities, for yourselves. Just being pissed off about things you just learned about through flimsy propaganda will not get you anywhere.

how is targeting the corporations playing into the hands of the forest service? 05.Jun.2003 23:11


just wondering.

it seems to me that the the most successful campaign happening in activist circles these days is shac- which has chosen a huge conglomerate animal abuser that also happened to be on shakey financial grounds. these people are getting things accomplished in a major way- all by targeting a specific corporation, its affiliates, subsidiaries, financers, insurers, etc.

if done well, i honestly believe that this type of tactic is MUCH MORE effective than targeting government agencies- after all, government agencies are not much more than the gatekeepers. if you take away the PROFIT of being an animal abuser, earth raper, etc, you undermine the entire process of these things happening.

yeah, it's a good tactic 06.Jun.2003 06:50


Yeah, another successful campaign closer to this topic was recently won by the boycotts of Staples, getting them to stop buying ( and therefore selling ) old growth forest products.... It might have worked quicker tho had all of us who were boycotting let them know that we were boycotting them and why. And if their corporate execs had seen some of us at their door...

Now for home depot and office max...

But also, besides protesting, I agree that starting sustainable alternatives is also the way to go, for folks that plan to be around for a few decades, or who are concerned about those who will. I heard there is a move to start getting biomass technology going. I don't totally understand it, but there is a bill going to the house and senate of oregon that will give tax credits to those producing alternative sources of energy. Also the initiative being put out in mid-september to put PGE in the hands of the public, in the form of a people's/public utility district is about the best way to put Oregon in the forefront of developing alternative technologies... If we control the means of power genration and distribution, we can be an example for the country in more than just taking over the streets...If we decide to register to vote 3 weeks before Sept 15th, we might be able to take more than the streets into our own hands.

Back to the biomass energy generation, I know very little about this, and would love to know more from anyone who has more info... But as I understand it, the idea is to take garbage and super heat it without oxygen so it produces a gas that machinery can use to run on, by breaking it down to it's original components, hydrogen and carbon... (methane?) And then machinery can run using this, along with biodiesel. As I understand it, the landfill in Seattle has filled up, and they haven't got the money to build another one. So there was an offer to build a biomass fuel generation plant... But nobody in Seattle wanted it "in their backyard" so now they truck all the garbage to a landfill in Klickitat....

I worked at a farm in Bloomington in the early '90's.... Their landfill was filling up and a farmer decided to use the 40 acres of depleted former corn field land and take the city's yard waste and use it to turn it into compost... he was independently wealthy, so charged like 5 bucks if the load was big... and we worked this land, building compost, using old teak (! ! ) pallets with round holes in them as planters... and selling his flowers and herbs at the farmer's market...

And I hear that Austin has created a free store that helps the overflowing landfill there... I'm not clear on the details, but from what I gather, the city allows them to weigh what they cart off for resale-- appliances, washers/dryers/fridges/stoves and other reusable stuff I imagine (there is a resale value on the steel alone these days) -- and the CITY PAYS THEM FOR WHAT THEY SAVE IN LANDFILL SPACE!

Now that's revolutionary work......


to "forest defender" 06.Jun.2003 13:49

just curious

"The region six headquarters have a restraining order on "CFA"?" Is this true? Who is the region 6 headquarters, and how can they ahve a restraining order against a group/organization, and for what? I'm curious.

My random thoughts on the subject 06.Jun.2003 16:51

Fuck the Feds

I agree,SHAC has done an absolutely fantastic job regarding crippling Huntingdon but do you think they would have been able to achieve these results had Huntingdon ordered them,and they complied,not to picket in front of their facility.Would SHAC be as effective as it is if the CEOs insisted that their private homes,their customers,their investers and their suppliers were off limits to the activists and their demonstration?Obviously the answer is no.So since when did the activists start catering to the wishes of the feds?"Gee folks, we don't want you to hold protests in front of the forest service buildings and oh yeah we don't want to see you out in the forests either."The feds are holding you at bay with the threat of coming down on the CFA.That comes with the territory.Do you see the ALF or ELF backing down because of the threats made by the feds against activists in general? Has Free changed his beliefs because he was hit with a 23 year sentence for acting on his convictions?Don't allow the government to hold you hostage by their threats.Their ransom demands are too high.If they push then we shove.Battles are not won by compliance to their rules.

restraining order 06.Jun.2003 16:52

forest defender

When Tre sat on the ledge for 11 days they won a restraining order against CFA (it actually says Cascadia Forest Defenders which is in
Eugene, but after talking to a lawyer, I found that makes no difference). As far as how they can do it, they can do whatever they want.

To Fuck The Feds: No, I'm not playing into there hands. I am using something called common sense.
Stop and look at the long term effects. What is your goal? WHY occupy, "shut down", what ever you want to
call it the Region 6 headquarters. What do you mean by "shut it down"? If you go in there like a bunch of thugs
accomplish nothing and the only thing you are going to shut down is CFA.

If you really want to help defend forests, "shut down" a BMC West. At least that will bring public attention to the
sale of cascadian national forest right here in Portland.

Didnt know about this restraining order... 06.Jun.2003 17:01


So all this means is that if you want to do a demo there, just do it, you don't have to get all hostile about it, just don't do it in the name of CFA...

And if you want to create a disturbance that might have some other more local effect, support the existing ongoing campaign to call attention to BMC west...which is being supported by CFA, a group we support, right?

geez, divided we.... are, wonder if this will ever change? Guess the Right WIng and Feds count on this division... and maybe are fueling it?

walk your talk 06.Jun.2003 18:20


Allright 'Fuck the Feds'

Stop the armchair, uninformed shit talk and put your money where your mouth is.

The Regional Forester's office is on the 7th floor, southeast corner of the building. Knock yourself out and shut 'em down. Lunch hour's a great time to encounter lots of high level Forest Service timber industry apologists right outside the building on the public sidewalks and in restaurants.

Please write up a full report for indymedia. CFA doesn't have a monopoly on forest activism in Portland. If you've been around Portland a while, you'll know they've protested at that office dozens of times, including an 11 day occupation, and multiple marches with 500 - 1000 people. They've paid their dues and can pick their strategic targets as they wish, with much respect from all of us haven't made such die hard, long term committments to the cause of forest defense. It's clear from history that CFA doesn't care what the feds think, only what's strategic at a given time and place.

How about you?

One last attempt at explaining myself 06.Jun.2003 19:48

F the F

Walk Your Talk,I have paid my dues many times over,and still am,in another arena.Guess I don't get it.Someone suggested a protest and the idea was immediately put down because the feds had threatened CFA.So is CFA the only game in town?If an individual or a group of individuals want to demonstrate outside a forest service building then who are you or I to tell them they can't do it.Life becomes much easier once you come to realize you are not the master of the universe.It really is too bad that so much controversy exists within all the groups which is precisely why we have not made greater strides with the various issues we pursue.If a person wants to do something on their own don't tell them they can't do it.Allow others to test their wings just as you were allowed to try out yours.We don't all have to dance to the same drum,the important thing is we are all dancing.Just for the record I have much respect for CFA and all other activists who are out there trying to improve life for current and future occupants of this earth.I feel we all need to be much more tolerant and supportive of each other and with ideas and methods.We are never all going to be at the exact place at the same time as each other so lets offer acceptance in our diversity.

easy boys 07.Jun.2003 11:59

let's focus here...

I know I personally would love to be part of an urban protect or action.

But it takes a little organizing, and being that there are 5000

things on my plate, I'm not totally up in the current events & details in
regaard to forest activism.

But I certianly promise to come to support something in Portland this
summer for forest support unless I'm out of town.

So what should happen next?

Here's some upcoming Portland events 07.Jun.2003 15:55

Ivan Maluski

Being a CFA activist, I can honestly say that the decision to do or not do protests at the Region 6 Forest Service Headquarters has nothing to do with what the feds think or the 'restraining order.' CFA has organized literally a few dozen protests down at that building since 1996 and last marched there with over 500 people in May of 2002. Some of us don't think doing more protests there is the best use of our limited time until it seems to make the most tactical sense in a given moment, but that should by no means stop other folks who think its an effective use of their time to be organizing stuff down there right now. Hunger strikes, vigils, pickets, flyering and more are all an option.

If there are folks who want to start protesting/picketing at the downtown Forest Service and helping organize protests down there, feel free to stop by the CFA office at 1540 SE Clinton to pick up some fact sheets on public lands logging issues. Meetings are Wednesdays at around 7 pm, and that's a good place to find other folks who may want to help organize such things.

Here's the next big forest protest already being organized in Portland that would be real effective for lots of us to show up at. There's also a Cascadia Summer events post, which lists some other local things too.

On Saturday, June 14, 8:30 - 11:30 am - Demonstration against public lands logging, destructive 'forest health' legislation, and the control the timber industry has over setting federal forest policy. The Double Tree Jantzen Beach Hotel, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland.

Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman, James Connaughton, will be addressing the Western Republican Leadership Conference, an annual conference for Republican leaders from 15 Western States. Walden is a main sponsor of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, which passed the US House of Representatives on May 20. The bill would drastically increase public lands logging by doing away with many environmental impact studies and curtailing public involvement in timber sale planning all in the name of reducing fire risk and improving forest health. The bill will encourage the logging of older, fire resistant trees deep in the forest to pay for 'fuels reduction' projects, increasing fire risk and destroying forests while doing little to protect communities and homes from wildfire. Bush and Cheney have also been invited to this conference which takes place at the hotel June 12 - 15. Oregon timber companies gave the Republican National Committee over $1 million in the 2000 campaign season to help elect Bush/Cheney/Walden and it is likely prominent timber company CEO's/Republican activists will be in attendance for this panel.

See you there,

www.cascadiasummer.org, www.cascadiaforestalliance.org