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Alert! Private Spy Company Monitoring and Labeling Peace Organizations as"terrorist"

They have listed a the "6/20-7/5 Los Angeles Peace And Social Justice Convergence:  http://www.pjfest.net"
as -- *Planned anti-US activity in Los Angeles* --

Lot's of other crazy stuff on this page as well !!!!

*Planned anti-US activity in Los Angeles
" 6/20-7/5 Los Angeles Peace And Social Justice Convergence
June 20 - July 25, Los Angeles, CA Webpage:  http://www.pjfest.net
Organized by: PeaceNoWar.net, ActionLA
With the war in Iraq now become the occupations of Iraq, and the Bush regime's continue declare the war against the World. Our struggle will be never finished.

We have talking about what will be our long-term strategy for the peace and social justice movements, we'll focus on:
1) The upcoming President elections of 2004
2) No US Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
3) No to Plan Colombia
4) Bring the war money back to the community, we demand: books not bombs, foods not guns, jobs not wars.

Our coalition in Los Angeles has decided to call for a major 2-weeks long Peace and Social Justice Convergence in Los Angeles to focus on how to link global struggles to the community issues, and demand "Take Back the World, Take Back Our Community!" This two-week Festival will include a vast array of cultural-political events throughout the diverse communities of Southern California and will merge art, dance, theater, music, film/video, and photography, with political analysis and action. It will involve and reflect the rainbow of ethnic and racial diversity in our community.

Some events will be big, like Sol festival on June 21 (independent from the convergence but we work together), will attract 10,000-15,000 people in LA's Macarthur Park, the possible major speaker's night will be attract around 1000 people, and film festival, so far, major participate organizations include: Sol foundation, Coalition of World Peace, ICUPJ, SEIU local 434B and many others.

For more Information, or if you are interests to propose your events, please contact: Lee Siu Hin e-mail:  PJFest@ActionLA.org Web:  http://www.PJFest.net

Included in this Festival, for example, are:
*June 21 Sol Festival at Macathur Park: Major Concert featuring musical and performance artists from diverse communities, organized separate by Sol foundation. The concert will feature music from a wide range of diverse communities: hip-hop, rap, Latin Salsa, rock, performance art, ethnic & folklorico dancing, spoken word, etc.
*June 24 Youth Convergence which will bring young people from all over the Southland to exchange organizing ideas, strategize and share analysis of the current militarism dominating our society while civil and human rights---and human needs----are all jeopardized.
*4th of July Peace & Justice Demonstration -- This mobilization will ask the basic questions: what IS patriotism? is it patriotic to stand by and watch the Bill of Rights gutted? What are our responsibilities when a government begins to represent a small minority of the U.S. population?
*Nights of Teach-In's and Forums on a variety of issues, civil and human rights, immigrants' rights, Healthcare Not Warfare, reprioritizing the federal budget away from militarism to human needs, defense of workers and unions, defense of the gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community, and score of other issues.
*Forums and events in the Filipino, Korean, Central American, African American and other communities focusing on the issues those and other communities put on the "front burner" for attention, photo and art exibits.
*Conference on skill-sharing, movement building.
* Film Festival: films in various venues throughout the city focusing on a broad array of issues, including youth, peace, immigrant rights,, workers' rights, GLBT issues, etc.
*June 29 Peace and Social Justice Book Fair.
*Street Theater and Performance Art.

ActionLA will be coordinate with the annual - and highly successful - SOLFEST, at MacAthur Park on June 21.
OBJECTIVES OF THE FESTIVAL: Building a stronger movement through networking and cooperative collaboration, linking issues of war and peace to the issues of the community, building a day-by-day strategy which allows for instant contact between diverse groups and communities and consolidating the often isolated communities into a closer working relationship with others. ActionLA invites your active participation in the planning."
(Presented exactly as received. Look like "English as a second language" to you?)

homepage: homepage: http://www.icicompanies.com/ICI_terror_alerts.htm

*New group forming up 05.Jun.2003 08:37

Also on this page is an ALERT about a new group in Portland

*New group forming up
Portland, Oregon: Two former spokesmen for the radical Earth Liberation Front said Monday they are giving that up to form what they say is a "new revolutionary organization" called Arissa. Their news release said they have concluded "that more direct, strategic and severe action needed to be taken against the political structure itself in the United States." The group's Web site does not specify the origin of the name "Arissa." The FBI labeled the ELF, which carries out sabotage against targets it considers environmentally unfriendly, as one of the nation's more dangerous terrorist organizations. FBI spokeswoman Jane Brillhart said the agency is aware of the new group but declined further comment.