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Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th

Attached is an announcement from Cascadia Magical Activists--as far as I know, this is the first event to be announced protesting the Republican Conference in Jantzen Beach. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, Pagan and Non-pagan alike. If you choose to participate in this, please be aware and respectful that this is a serious religious ceremony, based on deeply-held beliefs in the Pagan community.
Hi Everyone,
I would like to invite you and encourage you to join us (Cascadia
Magical Activists - we're a local portland group of concerned pagans)
this positive energy raising public event. the more the merrier.
Thank you for your support...indeed, together we still have hope.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please forward this on to others, if you are so moved. do as you will
and harm none.

Peace and hope be with us all,


Friday The Thirteenth of June

On Friday the Thirteenth of June, at 7:00 pm, Cascadia Magical
will gather to perform an unbinding to release our political leaders
from their Thrall to violence and greed at home and abroad.

The Western States Republican Leadership Conference (www.wsrlc.org) is
coming to the Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Oregon on
12-15. Although George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have been invited, we do
not know if they will attend.

Our democracy and our freedom are in grave danger. The U.S. Senate
99-1 in support of the USA PATRIOT Act. This is an assaults on our

It is not possible to explain this vote or almost any of the other
assaults on our freedoms in any rational way. It is as though our
political leaders have been bewitched - ensourceled into believing that
we must give up our essential liberties in the name of "War on

Therefore, we must intervene and release this Thrall.

The unbinding spell is directed at the Thrall itself. The spell will
be directed at any individual or at any political party - political
allegiance means nothing to the Thrall.

Our intent is to loosen the bonds and the blindfold holding Lady
Liberty. As She is released, all who are held by this Thrall will be

Many of us believe that we are at a crucial moment. It is too late to
counter this Thrall by "ordinary" means.

We must cast our spell both backwards and forwards in time in order to
touch all who have been and all who will be caught up in this Thrall.

We ask that you join us in full ritual garb on Friday the Thirteenth,
6/13, at 6:30 pm (the ritual will start at 7:00 pm) at the grassy knoll
next to the north-bound Jantzen Beach I-5 freeway ramp.


-Using Tri-Met Mass Transit:

From Portland, take the 5 Interstate bus and get off at the Jantzen
Beach Main Stop. From the Vancouver, WA Transit Center, take the 5
Interstate bus and get off at the Jantzen Beach Main Stop.

From the bus stop, go east toward the freeway and use the crosswalks
go to the ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) office that is
to the Freeway. There is an underpass beneath I-5 that will take you
onto the grassy knoll, where we will hold our ritual.


Take the Jantzen Beach exit and find a place to park on the west side
the freeway.

Please do NOT park in the Doubletree Hotel parking lot or in the ODOT
parking lot.

A map showing the bus stops can be found at:



This is a family-friendly event and wheelchair accessible. We have
cleared this with ODOT and the police so that it is completely legal
safe. There will be media present, so please keep that in mind.


If you cannot join us, we encourage you to gather your friends to
perform a ritual at the same time, with the focus of unbinding this
Thrall. Together, we can save the world!


If you would like to be actively involved in this ritual or in other
magical activism, you may join the Cascadia Magical Activists list by
sending an email to:

Bright Blessings of Peace,
Cascadia Magical Activists

ritual garb? 03.Jun.2003 12:34


I'm not a pagan, but this sounds like a good idea. What do you mean by "ritual garb"? Usually, I wear shorts and a tee shirt, but I could probably find a wig or something.

wear what you will! 03.Jun.2003 13:01

pagan fashion advisor

People often wear hooded robes, fairy wings, outfits that represent their religious perspective
or whatever....wear a costume, or just what you happen to have on that day!

I'm hoping there will be a drim circle afterwards!

Drum circle 09.Jun.2003 23:46

I read the flyer

Bring your drums! There will be a drum circle starting at 6:30 pm that night (the flyer said).