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Giant mole digs trench in logging road at Solo timber sale; Forest defenders delighted

This just in!
The alleged giant mole ditch
The alleged giant mole ditch
The work of a windstorm, or a giant desert beaver?
The work of a windstorm, or a giant desert beaver?
Whatever forces were at work utilized pre-existing structures to make barriers
Whatever forces were at work utilized pre-existing structures to make barriers
Note the small red sign
Note the small red sign
Perhaps this sign is a clue about the motivation of whoever created this barrier
Perhaps this sign is a clue about the motivation of whoever created this barrier
Indymedia editors: use this for the front page pic please!
Indymedia editors: use this for the front page pic please!
PORTLAND, OR--According to witnesses, a giant mole dug a trench through a logging road leading to the Solo timber sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest last night. By chance, seasonal restrictions on the Solo sale ended today, meaning that logging could have started at any time in the morning. The trench, however, would have needed to have been filled in first, which would have slowed down the commencement of logging operations.

By chance, the road was also blocked in several other places by large piles of logs and brush, also seemingly placed in such a way as to block logging equipment. Witnesses did not finger the mole for these actions, and speculated that perhaps a freak windstorm had occured during the night, or that perhaps a giant desert beaver had struck as well.

Forest defenders, when contacted for a comment, said: "Holy shit, it was such a trip! I walked out this morning to take a leak, and I almost fell into this huge ****in' trench! That must've been one hella big mole!"

The controversial Solo timber sale was purchased by Freres Logging last summer. A tree-sit has graced unit 10 of the sale since that time, and a lawsuit was recently announced to prevent cutting there. Solo covers many acres of irreplaceable old-growth forest and many interests -- which apparently includes giant moles and beavers -- would like to see it spared the saws.
Dang! 02.Jun.2003 20:37


Dang! Every now and then, there's a snippet of good news.

Weather 02.Jun.2003 21:11

Storm Tracker

Wow! The weather seems to be blowing somethings around. Perhaps the Forest service will have to burn down another forest or these barricades.

Fucking Brilliant! 02.Jun.2003 21:53


Just got home from being gassed by pigs in downtown Seattle and then I read this. Teary-eyed though I am, my heart swells with curious delight at the story of the mysterious mole and beaver of the Solo sale! If only Robert Stack were still alive perhaps he'd endeavor to explain the events while wearing a trench coat in some fucked up smoky alley somewhere.

If any of you happens to come across any hyenas, jackals, or other carrion-eaters, there's a whole convention of rotten pork at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Seattle at the LEIU convention.

Mother Nature is always lookin' out for us. :)

God bless the moles and beavers!

hood excellenc e 02.Jun.2003 23:07

rachael htchhikr@aol.com

we left there sunday afternoon, when circumstances were still in a bit of a conundrum. we couldn't really figure out how to get back in with all the forest-sevice-closed roads (appearantly denying even media access to the site and units of the sale at one point). on finding a way in AND after being identified as part of the "disturbance," the rangers were exceedingly hostile, un-helpful at all, and behaving much like bullies in the 4th grade might, being given free license to terrorize the playground with the teachers all locked in the closet and all ports of entry closed. good thing the weather was appearantly in a beneficent mood towards the action camp concerns... and things are lookin' up for Solo. may it only be a bit of good fortune to come!!

Bigger Moles!!!!!!!!!!!! 02.Jun.2003 23:34


This is really really good.
it made me smile

But, being from an area where I know the capabilities of loggers, this action seems a little to small!
It is a good start, a really good start in the right direction. However in all honesty it would only take a crew about between a half hour and an hour to clear each one of these freak occurances.

Let's hope the Mole has a big sister with bigger teeth.
And the Beavers can call in cousin Vini, since you have all heard how big he can stack them logs!!! ;)

Tell those moles and beavers good start, but a single work truck could clear those obstacles in under four hours.

A councerned Beaver,

p.s. an averege work truck has a tire with a diameter of about 3 to 3 1/2 feet. The Axel will hit ground in any hole that is more then 3/4 feet deep, and 5 feet wide. For the moles you know.
p.s.s. switchbacks are the best, truck comes around curve, washes out in ditch, trucks behind need to pull him out, then fill hole.

Viva la mole! 03.Jun.2003 07:47

Admirer of moles in resistance everywhere

Go Mole! You make me happy! Bless you all, moles in resistance everwhere.

Rangers? 03.Jun.2003 10:45


Who were these surly Rangers? Cops or Forest Service types? They blocking everyone or just forest activists? Did they have an excuse?

Yippie-Ki-A, moles save the day! 03.Jun.2003 13:19


Hope all the moles and beavers are well, so great to see the giant variety are not extinct. The humans in my office are doing the happy dance as we speak, really good news (and pics).

this won't last 03.Jun.2003 22:32


This won't last at all. The hole is shallow. the Slash pile is tiny. The USFS has all sorts of heavy earth moving equiptment. Just look at the pathetic job these kids did last year at Borg, then whined about it being cut. The slash piles will be removed and the hole filled back in in less than a day. Whatever. This ain't shit. Let's not sit back on our laurels or congradulate people for digging a little hole in a road just yet. Wait and see what happens later in the logging season.

what have you done? 05.Jun.2003 14:57


How is this criticism useful? If you think that these roadblocks are insufficient, why haven't you been out there at work yourself? These people put in hard work and stayed up all night to do it. They deserve support rather than scrutiny by armchair 'activists'.

get real 07.Dec.2003 11:05

true enviormentlist

saw pictures of old growth yea! i have logged tewenty five years the same ground my father and grandfather logged its called timber management done correctly.get it right and dont waste our tax dollars for B.S