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Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public

treesitLaw enforcement has placed a closure order around the Salmon River Tree-sits in an attempt to starve tree siters out. The Klamath Salmon Action Network (KSAN) is planning an action camp on June 7-13 along with actions, and a closure protest to support tree-sitters. KSAN is still strong in their resolve to protect the wild public land of this free flowing tributary of the Klamath, and the species that use it.

The Salmon River is the only undammed, undiverted river that feeds the Klamath and has had three treesits blocking part of the Glassups Old Growth Timber Sale for a week and a half. The Klamath-Action Network is a group involved in the tree-sits and promises continued resistance for the Knob and Meteor Timber Sales, which are also public lands old growth sales in the Salmon River.

Columbia Helicopters, an international company that specializes in helicopter logging steep and unstable slopes, are clear-cutting and high grading native forest in the National Forest, which is why the tree-sits are there. Old growth logging destroy water quality, endangered species,and the forests natural resistance to fire. " These sales will hurt not help forest health by taking out the fire resistant old growth, leaving brush fields behind, destroying a rural town's drinking water, and endangering Klamath Salmon" stated Mari Posa, a spokes woman for the group.

Two men attempting to visit and photograph the tree-sits were detained for forty minutes Sunday by three federal agents who ticketed them. They were unaware they weren't allowed on public lands. The two men must appear in federal court in Redding on Tuesday. [ Read More ] [ http://www.mazamaforestdefense.org/ | http://www.cascadiasummer.org/ | Klamath Forest Alliance ]