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m20: day x

please help me! looking for someone wearing a brown corduroy coat on m20

At second and Burnside on m20, around 1 am I picked a brown corduroy coat (or possibly shirt) up off the ground
At second and Burnside on m20, around 1 am I picked a brown corduroy coat (or possibly shirt) up off the groand to give to my friend, who was freezing. After asking around, and seeing it unclaimed, I gave it to her, and she was wearing it when she got arrested. it had perscription drugs in the right hand upper pocket, she doesn't know what kind. The police read the name out loud to her and she thinks the name was Andy something.
It's late notice, but if you know whose coat that was, if it was yours (the meds too) please email her.  harlotart@yahoo.com

Hmmm. 02.May.2003 11:41

Trying to remember

I know lots of people were getting cold that eve. I remember my friend had to give me his jacket, and then I saw a couple of people picking up a shirt from the ground and asking whose it was. Maybe you guys? I don't know, don't remember the color of the shirt. If it was you, though, there was someone named Andy near by...maybe it was his shirt? I'd like to help, but don't know his last name. I do know where he lieves, and will ask him to post if it was his. (Don't worry, he won't mind if you borrowed his shirt, either. He doesn't believe in private property.)

Burden of proof? 02.May.2003 11:42

law student

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the burden of proof falls upon the police at this point. They need to prove that you knew the drugs were there, and/or that they were yours, don't they?

hmm 02.May.2003 14:21


I don't know how this will work out, and who has to prove what, and I'm not sure what exactly her lawyer said to her, but she seemed pretty freaked out. She said at one point her attorney thinks this will be kind of tough, because the courts hear things like 'I didn't know the drugs were there!' in actual drug cases. I thought if I could find the guy (or girl, whoever) they could help clear things up, or we could at least know what kind of drugs they were. (like if it was antibiotics rather than say, oxycontnin, it'd look less suspicious.)

Question 02.May.2003 14:52

Curious onlooker

Why don't you know what kind of drugs they were? Wouldn't the cops have told you that? I think it should be in the police report, and I know the lawyer would have access to that info at the very least. You do have the right to look at the police report, which anyone can request. But probably you can just ask the lawyer, who would already be on top of this. It was probably some anti-anxiety drug like valium or xanax or something, because people were all so anxious as the US forces began to attack another country full of innocent people. That, or maybe an anti-depressant.

they didnt tell me 02.May.2003 16:03


they read off the name when i was arrested and asked if that was me,but they didnt tell me what it was.and my lawyer said he couldnt find out til my courtdate-but he's also sketchy hes charging me 8000 and telling me hes doing it probono,but charging me also?its really confusing...
i called the belmont people,they told me to find the person whos coat it was and to tell them what my courtdate was and that was all.i dont know what to do.

Be prepared next time. 03.May.2003 22:42


I am reading this shaking my head. People, if you are going to protest in the Pacific Northwest, be prepared to be outside, with your own gear!

Besides the possibility of scabies from random clothing, the cops are going to have a field day with the prescription drug thing. Good luck.

evedence from an assault? 04.May.2003 15:42

Aimee Chiles everybodywantsjustice@yahoo.com

Was the coat found March 20th? Some bastard assaulted my boyfriend and ditched out . This was very near the assault and I want this freaks name. Please help!