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it is your fear that no one will listen and the intimidation by those we allow to control our lives that strengthens the silent code, those with no voice, those at the bottom,shall remain without a voice and shall stay at the bottom. our law enforcement will only be what we want it to be when we tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
those cops who silently condone their brothers wrong doing are wrong and afraid to do the right thing. so it looks like it is all up us, "we the people" to take full responsibility as cizitens and hold our law enforcement, our government what it is suppose to be, 'our government. otherwise my friends we will all be guilty of the next cop crime.
The only obstacles in our way of having A "SERVE AND PROTECT" police force, is us. Remember they serve us, the chief serves us, the mayor serves us and yes even the DA serves us. BUT we are not being served in the manner in which we are pleased then it is our responsibility to change how we are served and or change our servants.

People must come forward to tell all, for example, the time you were on probation and the cop used this to have his/her way with you or the time a cop cut a deal with you which favored you at the time but also favored the cop in the end. We have all had skeletons in our closets, but some of us know already that cleaning out the closets means we cannot be intimidated, bullied to run and hide. Those tactics are used by only those who want something from you they are not suppose to have including your silence. And they use what ever skeletons you have against you.

Eddie Murphy, in "Distigushed Gentleman" told the truth about his rap sheet not allowing congress to deflect the truth he was just to expose their dirty dealings involving tax payers dollars. In "8 Mile" the same thing happens in the last sceen, there was nothing his rival could could to combact against the truth already exposed.

In order to expose those in law enforcement who are committing crimes and other government officals, we must be willing to stand up to our own skeletons and refuse to be controlled by fear. Trust me these people count on it. Imagine, people unafraid to admit yes I did that and yes I even did that, "BUT THAT DOESN"T MEAN YOU ARE RIGHT IN MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE, TAKING DRUGS OFF PEOPLE FOR YOUR OWN PROFIT, RUNNING PLATES FOR LOAN SHARKS, KEEPING DRUG TRAFFICING MOTELS OPERATING FOR PERSONAL PROFIT, GAMBLE ON ILLEGAL DOG FIGHTS, COVER UP MOB HITS, SPENDING YOUR INFORMANTS MONEY etc.

Nothing will ever change until those of us responsible to change it clean out the skeletons in our closets and refuse to be intimidated by those who I promise you have more skeletons in their closets than you ever will.

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