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Pigs Infested Critical Mass

Pigs attempted to pass out a full page of rules today for CM. Hundreds showed up for the ride, forced into the bicycle lane by a hoard of pigs. There was a fine mist and a sweet smell of asphalt mixed with ocean air. At least 45 pigs gathered in the Fireside parking lot at the Nort Park Blocks, and many others ran car engines on nearby streets as well over a hundred bicyclists gathered at the North Park Blocks for a bicycle ride tonight. Officer Dobson approached me when I arrived and asked, "Did you get one of these?" I asked what it was. "Just the rules that we play by, that's all." I told him to save the paper.

A man on the sidewalk asked what this was all about. "It's about people getting together and showing people in cars how much fun bicycling is," a woman next to me replied. "Who the hell is watching the street?" he asked. "I'm 65 years old. I've been in two world wars, and I know what this is. Nothin' but a Gestapo, that's what it is." [ More... ]