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Cascadia Summer 2003: Forest Defense Elevates to a New Level

A strategic campaign in defense of the precious forests of the entire Cascade Mountain Range and adjacent areas, the bioregion known as "Cascadia," was kicked-off yesterday with actions across the region. Just as forest destruction on public lands is on the rise, a popular movement to protect those lands is also advancing to a new level. Actions took place throughout Oregon, Washington, Northern California in the United States and in British Columbia, Canada.

The Cascadia Summer 2003 campaign is happening at a time when the Bush administration is working to decrease public participation and use the fear of forest fire as the excuse to increase commercial logging of public lands through the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" which the U.S. House or Representatives passed on May 20. The Healthy Forest Restoration Act will increase destructive ancient forest logging while doing little to protect homes and communities from wildfire.

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