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Book published on the Earth Liberation Front

Don't believe what the government and mass media say about the ELF, find out for yourself!

The first book to be published on the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF) will soon be hitting the shelves of independent bookstores around the country. 'Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002,' edited by former ELF Spokesperson, Leslie James Pickering, traces the ELF's first five years of activity through communiqués, underground newspapers, interviews, testimonies and releases.
The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground organization that uses direct action to sabotage corporations and government agencies that profit from the systematic destruction of the natural environment. The ELF are considered the #1 domestic terrorist threat by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and have caused over $45 million in damages in the US since their appearance in 1997. Their record includes the $12 million arson at Vail Resorts in October, 1998, the $1 million arson at Boise Cascade's NW Regional Headquarters in December, 1999, the $1 million arson at the United States Forest Service Northeast Research Station in Irvine, Pennsylvania, on August 11, 2002, and over 3 dozen other serious actions.
This 350-page published work is the first time a complete and thorough text on the Earth Liberation Front has been made available to the public. The text includes all communiqués released by the ELF between 1997 and 2002, articles from underground newspapers on the ELF, testimonies from the February 12, 2002 House Subcommittee on Ecoterrorism, an interview with an ELF Spokesperson and much more, and is intended to leave the reader with pondering the realization that a revolution is necessary in America.
Don't listen to what the government and corporate media have to say about the Earth Liberation Front, order this book direct. Copies are available from Arissa Publications for $15 PPD at PO BOX 232, South Wales, NY 14139.

For additional information or wholesale rates contact:
Arissa Publications
(716) 698-2396

homepage: homepage: http://www.arissa.org
phone: phone: (716) 698-2396
address: address: PO BOX 232, South Wales, NY 14139

img 30.May.2003 18:12



Who Did It? 31.May.2003 13:07


So who penned this book?When will it go on sale in Portland?Will the author be doing a book signing/talk?Does each book contain a hidden tracer that tracks the movements and records the conversations of the people who buy the book?Ya just never know anymore.Really would like to know who wrote book and where/when it will be available in Pdx.

Wasn't me! 01.Jun.2003 06:18

ELF Chyld ysab@efn.org

I didn't do it. I don't know who did it. And if you think I do well, "the truth is out there!"


They can't come out 01.Jun.2003 07:47

Thinking person root@

They can't come out of hiding. Terrorist have to stay in hiding so that they will not get thrown in prison like they deserve. Think about it for a few seconds would you next time before you speak. Oh my bad, people here don't think before they post.

There is no author 01.Jun.2003 11:18


It's a compilation of different writings, communiques, etc ..., edited by Leslie James Pickering (Arissa). It's published under the auspices of Arissa.

In short, it's a money making device for Craig Rosebraugh and Leslie James Pickering, who ARE Arissa. They're continuing to cash in on the movement, urging others to carry out ill-advised actions, after which they stand back and allow their unfortunate dupes to go to jail while making piles of money off the situation.

"Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you try."

sounds interesting 01.Jun.2003 16:24


I think this book sounds really interesting, and it will be good to get a less mainstream view of ELF; but one must keep in mind that, just as fox news can't be objective because it's against their interests, this book, written by ELF members (i presume) isn't likely to be objective or have any critical analysis either. If you searched around enough, you may find a book about the ELF written from a more objective point of view; i.e. the source wouldn't have his/her interests invested in either being for ELF or against it.

WRONG AND WRONG AGAIN! 01.Jun.2003 17:46


Thinking Person and !!: You are wrong! You are ever so wrong!
VIVA ALF-ELF-Craig- Leslie James-David-Free-Critter-Rod -SHAC-Tre Arrow and all of you other "MIDNIGHT WARRIORS".Keep up the good fight!