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Local Up-n-Coming's

KendraCommunity Television Program About the Kendra James Homicide TONIGHT! Friday, May 30, 2003 Channel 11, from 7-8:00 pm.
bikeBike Film Fest - TONIGHT Friday, May 30th, 8-10 pm (after Critical Mass) 4810 NE Garfield (a block West of MLK off Alberta)
Urban Action SeriesUrban Action Series::Saturday::May 31::PSU::South Park Blox::12 noon
spyhatOne Nation Under Surveillance: ex-fbi agents, ex-chief of police, ACLU speak out! Saturday, May 31th, 1-5 pm first united methodist church - 1838 sw jefferson
Rogue State, by William BlumThe Rearguard Presents: William Blum @ Portland State University, Smith Center, Ballroom, 3rd floor 7:00PM on Saturday May 31. $3-$5 donations but no one will be turned away. [ Rogue State, by William Blum ]
BushCheneyMonsterBush and Cheney in Portland 13 June 2003?
Gay Shame - Fight the Assimilation MonsterG A Y . S H A M E contingent in ___ Pride[?] Parade June 15th pdx [ Gay Shame - Stop the Assimilation Monster ]