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Recall Papers Filed Against Mayor Vera Katz For Police Violence

They're not bullets, they're pellets.Three Portland activists filed a prospective recall petition against Portland Mayor Vera Katz on Tuesday, May 27, 2003, charging that the mayor's defense of a pattern of police violence and killings is malfeasance that endangers the citizens of Portland and wastes tax dollars due to the resulting multi-million-dollar lawsuits. Additionally, they charge that police harassment of activists and African-Americans endangers all citizens by diverting resources from legitimate law-enforcement duties as neighborhood crime is increasing.

"From the incident in which the police incited a riot at a peaceful rock-band show at the X-Ray Cafe in 1992 through the May 5, 2003, police killing of Kendra James, the history of the Portland police under Mayor Vera Katz has been one of violence and wasted tax dollars," says committee petitioner Marvin Moore of North Portland. "In spite of numerous citizen complaints and lawsuits, the mayor has failed to make the police leadership rein in cops who get out of bounds. We are sickened to see the thousands of innocent citizens who have been hurt by the abuse of police violence..." [ Read More ] [ Recall Katz Campaign Scores First Victory Against Police Violence | Anti-Police Violence Mayoral Recall Campaign Seeks Volunteers ]

Recall Vera Campaign website
Organizational meeting
Monday, June 2 @ 7 p.m.
I.W.W. Union Hall
616 E. Burnside