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Clear Channel Gets Another Message, Loud and....Clear

Code Pink at Clear ChannelAt 4:30 this afternoon we started gathering in front of the Clear Channel office on Macadam Avenue. It was a great turnout -- Code Pinks and Radical Cheerleaders and the general public, about 50 strong, with messages for commuters during rush hour to turn off Clear Channel stations, turn on the Dixie Chicks, and call the FCC! This was a national day of protest to stop media monopoly; similar protests took place in Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Phoenix, L.A. and many others.

We had good feedback from passersby, this time the ratio of waves and peace signs to single digits was about ten to one. At one point a couple of young men came out of the CC building to "interview" the protesters. Their questions were quite hostile and everyone interviewed was asked why they didn't get a job (there seems to be some general opinion that all protesters are unemployed and have nothing better to do). KBOO and Indymedia were there for coverage; and even though press releases went out to mainstream media, no one from the Oregonian or KGW was there. Hm, what a surprise. [ Read More ]