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Police line consolidated at Terry Schrunk Plaza

Yesterday at 1:30ish in the afternoon, members of the Portland peace Encampment watched with joy as the police line blocking off the grassy area was consolidated to only block off the area where the new grass is growing!
I admit that I am one of the people that watched with total awe as the police line that had been standing for at least 55 days was consolidated into a smaller square! I and the other members of the PPE are now able to access the grass again! It was so much fun to go run bare foot in the grass in the hot summer sun!

One of the federal officers was really cool about the consolidation and when he showed up, he was munching on a blue popsicle and immediatly set to work taking down and moving the line. Within five minutes, another feddie showed up. This guy was pissed! He did not want to have to move the line and proceeded to flip a major attitude to the encampment!

In other news, the encampment is doing very well and an art installation has been opened up! I encourage you all to come down and see it. Also, in an off topic subject, one of my best friends was murdered a week ago today. Jessica Williams was found beaten to death under the steel bridge. A friend of mine and I set up a mini memorial to her and I would really appreciate any flowers that go out to the memorial. It is located by the rail road tracks on the Rose Garden side of the river under the steel bridge. It is posted on the foot bridge under the max tracks. For info about the encampment or Jessica Williams, please feel free to email me at  pdxanarchychick@yahoo.com