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G A Y . S H A M E contingent in ___ Pride[?] Parade June 15th pdx

Outrage at degree that our pride as Real Queers has been subverted by Corporate bribery and muzzled by neutered "mainstream" queer Quislings
Gay Shame
author: B.P.

GAY SHAME is the radical alternative to consumerist "pride" crap. We are committed to a queer extravaganza that brings direct action to astounding levels of theatricality in order to expose the evildoers who use the sham of gay "pride" as a cover-up for their greed and misdeeds. We seek nothing less than a new queer activism that addresses issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, to counter the self-serving "values" of the gay mainstream. We are dedicated to fighting the rabid assimilationist monster of corporate gay "pride" with a devastating mobilization of queer brilliance. GAY SHAME is a celebration of resistance: all are welcome.

homepage: homepage: http://www.gayshamesf.org/
phone: phone: 503 287 3473

woot! 30.May.2003 13:52


best news i've heard all day.
i'm scared when i see all of my gay rights activists not even paying attention to racial and class issues, and just buy all the same crap as the rest of the culture. as if TV became okay when a gay character made into a sitcom.

w00t! 30.May.2003 15:52


i plan to protest Vera in the pride parade. she's been in the parade every year and she has the power to put Kroeker in check and she hasn't. she is being irresponsible and unruly. she is detached from the people. she needs to be removed from office. she has allowed the police department to become the thug mob that it is now.

"hey hey, ho ho, fascist Vera's got to go"

she makes me sick. get her out of my parade.

the commodification of our culture sickens me.

where are you going to purchase a soul?

Lets Get Together and FSU 31.May.2003 00:28

Little Debbie anarcho1@ziplip.com

I'm a young woman who is protesting the dyke march this year for it's continued use flashy convertibles and police escorts. I feel there is definently a lack of solidarity with mainstream gay culture and those of us who are queer and struggling within the social justice movement. This is very frustrating to me and if there are others who would be interested in planning and promoting any alternative events (under the banner of "GayShame" or otherwise) to the traditional Pride events, I would love to begin establishing contacts.

Thanks a lot for the posts and the info.

No shame, only solidarity.

cc email by the wayside ... 01.Jun.2003 00:13


I have fronted $25 fee for spot in ____[?] Pride parade June 15th and would appreciate donations to defray that cost as well as time enegy and ideas for meking signs, getting the word out, putting together some kind of flyer/handout/manifesto/whatever to explain to a media mutilated audience why Real Queers SHOULD be ashamed of The Big Sell Out - including concern for racial, economic, civil liberties, incarceration-madness etc issues.

No kiddin' : think up signs, banners and slogans and please call me anytime - and by the way, I really would like somebody else to come forward to act as leader / pointperson for this project - but whatever it takes, I am committed to ensuring that at least some kind of shout of disgust and derision SHALL BE MADE directly in the faces of the ?pride? corporate minions of June 15th 2003 in Portland Oregon.

Come to think of it - why not put this email as comment to IMCpdx 'announcement' I slapped together already.

--GlenOwen--503 287 3473
on behalf of Everybody Everywhere : THE KNOWN UNIVERSE @ yahoo

--- anarcho1 < anarcho1@ziplip.com> wrote:
> I'm a young woman who is protesting the dyke march this year for it's
> continued use flashy convertibles and police escorts. I feel there is
> definently a lack of solidarity with mainstream gay culture and those
> of us who are queer and struggling within the social justice
> movement. This is very frustrating to me and if there are others who
> would be interested in planning and promoting any alternative events
> (under the banner of "GayShame" or otherwise) to the traditional
> Pride events, I would love to begin establishing contacts.
> Thanks a lot for the posts and the info.
> No shame, only solidarity.
> Darcie Jean

img 01.Jun.2003 19:34



Right on! 02.Jun.2003 09:24


I self-identified as a radical well before I self-identified as queer, in part because of the assimilationist, corporate, self-oppressive nature of much of what passes for "gay culture". (Such as so many gay men being obsessed with fashion, appearance, consumerism, material possesions, etc. Gak!) I'd see the queer neighborhood in the city I was living in at the time and wanted no part of most of what I saw. That *definitely* wasn't me.

'Sides, scruffy hippie/punk/anarchist boys just look so much more yummy and desirable than the corporate clones all trying to look like yuppie bankers and stockbrokers.

So count me in, even though by all realistic measures I shouldn't be making more commitments given that I'm already having difficulty meeting all the existing activist commitments I've made.

As far as signs/slogans go, one I remember being used at the SF pride by the Lesbian and Gay Insurrection (queer anarchist/revolutionarty group there) was "it's a movement, not a market!" Ideally I'd also like something underscoring the hypocrisy of people wanting liberation for themselves but not for others, but can't think of a way to distill the sentiment into a snappy slogan.

Keep posting updates here.


queer revolution 02.Jun.2003 12:58

get political not ashamed

Hey, I think your general message has alot of value, but your name Gay Shame
is WAY off track. It sounds too much like some sort of anti-queer agenda, instead
of an anti-corporate one. It will trigger people in a way that is probably not the intended message. Get pro-active & positive - shaming is not really very productive, nor does it generate action or much of a response.

Bi-the-bi, that weekend is the same one as the republican conference in Janzten Beach, why not have a bus that leaves from downtown on Saturday afternoon or on sunday after the parade to take folks out to do a little political rable-rousing.

You must of heard of the proposed amendment for federal marriage limitations....
I think www.petitions.com has the details on that....
there are certainly no lack of reasons to have an alternative and political PRIDE
action, and I'll tell you what, the organizers of PRIDE are aware of this and may even be willing to support it by making announcements if you spend a little bit of energy focusing on the issues.....


THE DYKE MARCH IS 100% INDEPENDENT 04.Jun.2003 13:38

Sarah Barnard (yes, a real dyke with a real name!) carobhomo@yahoo.com

I feel the need to post (hopefully someone out there is still reading this thread) because of something that was posted about the dyke march.

About the convertible cars - I really wish that members of the queer community would *ask* and *talk to* people who are responsible for coordinating the dyke march BEFORE posting on indymedia that they are protesting the dyke march!!!

I have been one of the coordinators of the Dyke March since 1997. When I first moved here, the only option for dykes with disabilities that prevented them from walking in the march was a few pick - up trucks. Year after year i heard from people that these were uncomfortable, and difficult to get into and out of. Some women literally chose to stay home because these pick-ups were NOT ACCESSIBLE to them.

For the 2000 Dyke March I got a bunch of phone calls from dykes who were disabled/ their allies who were concerned and pissed off at the situation. they were basically like, "are you going to work on this issue or not?" So first i thought, well, if i can find some friends with cars that should take care of it. But the response i got was "cars cut us off from the rest of the parade. does anyone have a convertible , so we can be out there with all you dykes?" So that's how it got started. Believe me, i tried calling several organizations and rich lesbians to see if we could have their convertibles for the day. Nobody wanted to loan the lesbian avengers their convertible not for a day. So we started fundraising ( and i'm tlaking about parties and punk shows, not corporate sponsorhsip) to rent 2 convertibels per march. last year we got the just out convertible for a total of three. all three were filled with dykes who could otherwise not make it thru the whole march.

I am a dyke. I am an anarchist. I am a vegan. I do not own a car. We stopped using balloons in the dyke march because of their impact on the environment. The Lesbian Avengers have never accepted money from a business, and we have been offered. Every single bit of money used for the dyke march is fundraised, grassroots style. Year after year we have rejected the corporate sell out crap that pride northwest basks in. The convertibels are not a glitz and glamor thing. I hate renting them, but i have to. Right now there is no other way i can guarantee comfort, accessibility and happiness of all the dyke with their different abilities.

The thing that alarms me so much about the comment made about protesting the dyke march is this:
1) Since 2000, all of our flyers for the dyke march and fundraising have mentioned the convertibels are accessibility vehicles.
2) Since 2000, there have been several announcements at every dyke marhc that the convertibels are for dykes with disabilities ONLY.
3) I feel personally saddened that I have never had a single member of the community ask me why we rent these cars. Instead, assumptions are made and a protest of the dyke march is being planned???

Thanks for listening. Please remember that the dykes who put together the dyke march are not a bunch of corporate asses like pride northwest. Please give us the benefit fo the doubt, ask us questions, challenge us, demand stuff. But don't crucify us out of your own ignorance.

Sarah Barnard

So sick of the whiners 04.Jun.2003 15:10

erin sexton erinpdx77@yahoo.com

Little Debbie-
Wow! your letter and plans to protest the dyke march really steamed me. like sarah, I have also been involved in planning the march for the past several years. and in this town whiney complainers are a dime a dozen, as are people who would rather "protest" than put REAL energy into affecting change in an organization or event they find fault with. but that is besides the point.

i would like to let you know that i will happily accept your donation of a not-too-flashy but safe and accessible convertible car for use in the dyke march. i am astounded by your generosity and will surely keep you in mind in the years to come when it comes to organizing the dyke march. we could really use your help in planning fund raising events (one car doesn't cut it, tho it helps!) legally obtaining sign making materials, planning the sign making parties, planning and holding marshalling trainings, and of course, putting the event on. I am sure that getting invovled directly and affecting change from the inside (arguably the BEST way to affect change anywhere....) will ease your frustration with the dyke march and maybe give you a little insight on building working relationships with people who aren't exactly like you. then you and the other "shamers" can tackle the bigger problem- getting involved with Pride Northwest to (do i see a theme? ) and affect change in the way Portland celebrates Pride. Pride reflects those who show up and plan it.

erin sexton (yeah, it's my real name)

Gay Shame SF 06.Jun.2003 01:24


Its good to see "Gay Shame" in all its forms spreading. My suggestion is not to pay the $25 entrance fee for the parade and just join in. (or have a festival of resistance in the middle of the parade itself). and an FYI, we use "gay shame" as a method of deploying the symbolic affect of shame, and yes, many gays should be ashamed.

gay? 08.Jun.2003 01:17

volatile tranny

i think my main problem with the name gay shame is that it perpetuates the linguistic exlclusion of people who don't consider themselves gay. What about the lbtq people? I'm just really sick of groups that say they advocate rights for all lgbtq people, and then they have names like "Gay and Lesbian Yellow Pages." Even if these groups actually do work that helps out bi and trans people, is still perpetuates our invisibility, even within the community where we are supposedly the most accepted.