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Clear Channel Gets Another Message, Loud and....Clear

What a day!
At 4:30 this afternoon we started gathering in front of the Clear Channel office on Macadam Avenue. It was a great turnout -- Code Pinks and Radical Cheerleaders and the general public, about 50 strong, with messages for commuters during rush hour to turn off Clear Channel stations, turn on the Dixie Chicks, and call the FCC! This was a national day of protest to stop media monopoly; similar protests took place in Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Phoenix, L.A. and many others.

We had good feedback from passersby, this time the ratio of waves and peace signs to single digits was about ten to one. At one point a couple of young men came out of the CC building to "interview" the protesters. Their questions were quite hostile and everyone interviewed was asked why they didn't get a job (there seems to be some general opinion that all protesters are unemployed and have nothing better to do). KBOO and Indymedia were there for coverage; and even though press releases went out to mainstream media, no one from the Oregonian or KGW was there. Hm, what a surprise.

The Radical Cheerleaders led us in some cheers, what great energy they bring to rallies! There were kids and dogs (wearing pink bandanas); the boom boxes blared some of that "dangerous" music, like Get Up, Stand Up and Power to the People; protesters wore gags over their mouths.

We all agreed it was a successful afternoon, a lot of Portlanders saw our messages and we had fun! After all, "if I can't dance I don't want to be part of the revolution!"

Photos coming soon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.codepinkportland.org

Images: Code Pink at Clear Channel 30.May.2003 02:02

Chris Leck

Pictures of Code Pink at Clear Channel on May 29, 2003

Images: Code Pink at Clear Channel, part 2 30.May.2003 02:07

Chris Leck

Pictures of Code Pink at Clear Channel on May 29, 2003

CC reps 30.May.2003 11:10

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org

Here are some fine representatives of Clear Channel expressing, so eloquently, their opinions about the protest against media monopoly. These young men were the hostile interviewers noted in original story.

Accurate 30.May.2003 12:07


The CC reps, pictured above, accurately reflect the intelligence and maturity of Clear Channels' offerings.

Code Pink Doesn't Hate Clear Channel 30.May.2003 12:19

Inner Pink

We were approached by the marketing manager (pictured) who asked why we hate CC. I explained that I don't hate CC, but that our mission was to educate citizens on the dangers of media monopoly and restricted viewpoints. He explained that Clear Channel Portland employs over 400 people with good benefits, etc.

He then suggested we target INFINITY BROADCASTING for our protests, as they own even more local channels than Clear Channel. I'm sure their GM will thank you later.

Our two young "men on the street" attempted to elicit responses to such pressing remarks as "Did you know the government invented the Bic razor?" However when interviewing them about their job and snapping their photos, they responded with hand signals.
Not the Pink Paparazzi
Not the Pink Paparazzi
Wow, what an inclusive event!
Wow, what an inclusive event!
Astute reporters uncover the pressing questions of our day!
Astute reporters uncover the pressing questions of our day!

thanks for visiting 30.May.2003 13:05

cc worker bee

hi there, just wanted to thank you for coming by...I have no idea who that kid who flipped you off was...an intern maybe? Anyway, the people who work for cc in Portland have pretty much been at these same stations (KEX, K103, etc) for many years and many owners before cc, and you'd be surprised how much they leave us alone...K103 kept right on playing Dixie Chicks...f'rinstance...and we're all over the map politically. Anyway, thanks for the visit, sorry about the rude kid, and Go NPR.

The young man flipping us off... 30.May.2003 14:52


...purported to be one of Z100's morning DJ's. He also informed me that as such, he makes approximately $50,000 a year for working three hours a day. He did not explain why he was there at 5 p.m., if he only works three hours a day in the morning, but maybe he has no other life. :-)

Hmm 30.May.2003 19:33


It's a pretty sad state of affairs if such a slacker made $50,000 for 2-3 hours work, when many people in this city work 3 times as much for half that salary.

gullible? 30.May.2003 23:08

paul allen

He's bullshitting you, and what's funny is, you let him.

not gullible 31.May.2003 10:17


I said IF he made that amount it would be sad. I already assumed the kid was a BS'ing around.

Code Pink stands for free speech...their own, not yours. 01.Jun.2003 20:24

GriffinWolf griffinwolf@hotmail.com

It's a sad day when a group of pink dressed people decide that they should protest and call for a boycott of radio stations, simply because THEIR views were not shared by the stations. Free speech is a right anyone has, regardless of whether the person is a human being or a corporation. Either or is entitled to express their own veiwpoint and opinion about any topic they may choose to see fit. However, when the pinkettes don't hear what they want to hear, they decide to stand outside like a bunch of losers and "get their dire important" message out to the general public who passes by them. The people in the cars actually have something productive they're doing, the pinkettes do not. It is waste of time and effort...for what? To show the public their ignorance and intollerance of other's viewpoints? Absurd. I give the pinkettes a big thumbs down for the "peace" effforts. Way to go ladies...screwing up as usual.

lazy 01.Jun.2003 23:18


you are just full of opinions, arent you. well, you are disagreeing with us, and here you are... everybody has the right to disagree. you are just too lazy to do anything other than type out a little message on your computer. if you really believe in something, you will make sure your voice gets heard. i bet all your buddies protest at abortion clinics. they probably protest welfare for the same people that were forced to have the kids they knew they werent capable of raising. im sure they also protest the social laws that would give them assistance, as well. if anyone other than the christian right ran this country, you would be protesting every day. i think you should just go back to watching nascar.

What?!!???! 02.Jun.2003 08:10


"probably protest welfare for the same people that were forced to have the kids they knew they werent capable of raising"

No one was forced to have kids. Get your head out of your ass!

Snappy comebacks 26.Jul.2003 06:44

Darby Crash

are taken a lot more seriously when the author knows how to spell. It's "intolerance" Griffin Wolf not "intollerance." The rules of English and grammar are made to be followed so those meaningful sentences can be put together and more importantly generally understood. If you don't have a dictionary or choose not to use one at least use the spell check on your computer.

oh, for gods sake...... 31.Jul.2003 13:14


I always find it hilarious when , for want of a better comeback, the common retort is to laugh mockingly at a spelling error. Who gives a flying crap anyway? 'Intolerance' or 'Intollerance'...we know what he means, arsehole.

I also hate Clear Channel with a venom, but I will never associate myself with hippy protesters, who laugh smugly inbetween episodes of Star Trek. I guess if your protest worked, then 'well done', you must be very proud (or, indeed, smug), about your wonderful contribution to Portlands rich heritage. Get a grip.........