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Bush and Cheney in Portland 13 June 2003?

I saw a flyer at Portland State University indicating that Bush and Cheney will be in Portland this June 13th. Does anyone have more details?
Details might include:

What time of day?


Are there protests planned?

Do the police have a plan?


homepage: homepage: http://web.pdx.edu/~ashaver/

godfearingrepublicans! 29.May.2003 22:07

i'm one

is it the western states republican leadership conference? ( http://www.wsrlc.org/index.htm). last i heard bush & cheney were "invited" but not confirmed. anyone have any more information??

Yep 29.May.2003 22:25


Emailed the women at the website and she said that usually they dont confirm until a week or two before. So..? Who knows if they will show or not.

nah 29.May.2003 22:35

Pink Panther

I wouldn't count on Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber showing up. but there will be plenty of protest activity to greet the Re-fubs. After all, we have a reputation to uphold.

Bring Them Here! 29.May.2003 22:36

Lars the Infidel

If Shrub & the Haliburton Whore somehow manage to show their faces in Portland next month, I can assure you the protests will make last August 22 look like tea and crumpits.

God, let it be true. Let little ole PDX have the honor of being the first US city to really show those GOP bastards what work-a-day Americans think of their war crimes and class warfare agenda.

Bring It On!

together? 29.May.2003 23:41


i didn't think those two appeared or traveled together anymore? has this changed recently?

They don't travel together since 9-11 30.May.2003 00:31


There's no chance both of them will come together.

This might be a good time to think up some new form of protest.
The cops will be all ready for the standard type of action.
This would be a good time to throw them a curve ball.
I can't think of anything right now,
but there has to be something new that hasn't been tried that they won't know how to deal with.
Something nonviolent that makes them look dopey.

somethingnonviolenttomakethemlookdopey 30.May.2003 05:31


everybody, or as many protestors as possible where gorrilla suits or some type of funny masks! this way when (if) they are taking you away or attacking you where their mace it will look like they are just attacking a bunch of poor gorrillas. Or something besides gorillas, like even simple paper masks of bush depicting a cloning of bush ala matrix. you got me brainstorming now.....

even better... why not stage a non-violent fake protest somewhere else, and then have the gorilllas come out from hiding near where bush will be? So gorrillas can be really scary in this way sometimes, when provoked or maced. the police horses will shit on the sidewalk i bet! make gorilla noises too.
okay, good luck. lets unite and organize this!

They already don't take us seriously 30.May.2003 14:46


I agree that the gorilla attack would be funny as shit, however this rather juvenille (and might i add farfetched, where are you going to get that many gorilla suits). Personally i feel bad for the police horses and would like to think that we would not try to purposfully scare the shit out of them, they're scared enough as it is. The bush mask one is a great idea though, totally feasable and inventive to boot. A couple thousand bush faces would make a loud statement while simultaneuosly confusing the ignorant. But as for the whole peaceful approch, i agree that it was appropriate at one time, but when is it time to use the same tacktics against the police as they use against us. If they want to beat my head into the ground or nail me with pepper spray, i'm fucking fighting back, thus far i havn't because all my fellow protesters seem to just yell at the cops and take a beating with no retaliation. The mass meida has already labeled us as hoodlums due to the sporatic semi-destrucive tacktics of our blac-blok brethren, lets show them what thousands of pissed off people can do. I doubt Bush and/or cheney will come to "little Beriut", but if they do, let us mount such a massive protest that no conservitive fuck of a wannabe pres comes to our little town ever again. If they come you could count on at least 30,000 showing up, maybe more because of our rep with the last Bush protest. Screw sitting around chanting waiting for the police to beat us down, with that many peoplewe could smash the police lines and take the fucking building, sure some people would get hurt in the process, but if look at 98% of revolutions throughout history, the voilence waged agtainst our particular movement pales in comparrison. We need to fight back, remember we arn't only protesting violence waged on the part of the US gov, we are protesting against US impirialism. The US is becoming more and more hated throughout the world, violence directed towards our government and those who calude with them, has sprung up all over the world. The leftists in Europe think the left thats actually in the belly of the beast should be doing more to oppose the US government, this pussy ass liberal stance on protests isn't doing anything. I know that i will get a lot of negative responses for this post, i expect the "peace" loving drivel. But i know that my day will come, and maybe when you can't drive your subaru wagon to the protest anymore because of insane gas prices, and you have no health care and no job because your pres has driven the country farther into a depression with capitalistic, military endevours. Then you'll feel the hurt of the lower class, then you'll be pissed enough to actually stand up against the police, because if you can't even stand up to the sentinals of big brotherm, then how can you ever hope to detroy him?


Does anyone know? 30.May.2003 18:08


I thought it was a rule that the pres. and vice have never been allowed to travel together since the 1800's. If they do attend the same event, it has to be in separate planes, trains, and automobiles. Maybe since 911 the pres and vice can't be at the same event nomatter how they arrived there. Now it's bugging me, does anyone have info. that proves or disproves if Bush and Dick can be in the same place at the same time?

Hold everything! 30.May.2003 19:13

Real Politiker

Before everyone gets revved up and buys masks or gorilla costumes and milk of magnesia for pepperspray antidotes, check to see if this is not a leg-pull for the knee-jerk folk. Is all the evidence based on hearsay that someone "saw" a flier at PSU? How likely is it that both pResident/VICE pResident are to be in one spot out here in the hinterlands, especially where Little Beirutis gave Bush a scare A22? Anyone checked with City Hall to see if its gearing up for such a visit with more overtime, etc. for the cops? Or asked some GOP bigwig with a big checkbook? Or even called the papers because Karl Rove's Goebbels team will have submitted advance stories of the arrival of the father, the son, and the holy ghostwriters on this one.

Hey eden 31.May.2003 01:37

two in one

Every state of the union address. President in front, VP sitting a few feet behind looking over his right shoulder.

An invitation 31.May.2003 12:10

from the PARTY

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Last week we sent you a message letting you know of an important opportunity to meet with and become a leader in the Republican Party. The 2003 Western States Republican Leadership Conference is a prestigious event, which is held exclusively for active Republicans in the 15 states in the Western region. It has become one of the most meaningful, dynamic and fun filled Republican events to meet our party leaders and discuss the issues that are of concern to our Party and our candidates.

The four-day conference, hosted by the Oregon Republican Party from June 12th through 15th in Portland, Oregon, is an opportunity to hear and meet with a wide array of top Republican leaders, elected officials, and national strategists. Confirmed speakers include:

Ken Mehlman, Soon-to-be campaign manager for Bush re-elect
Ann Wagner, RNC Co-Chair
Jack Oliver, RNC Deputy Chairman
Congressman Greg Walden
Senator Norm Coleman
Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii
Kayne Robinson, new NRA President
Michael Medved, national talk show host

Additional special guests invited to this event include President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney, Bush Administration Representatives, Republican Governors, Senators and Congressmen.

Space is limited, and available on a first come, first served basis. So make plans today to attend! You can register online at www.wsrlc.org.


Marc Racicot
Republican National Committee

RIOT! 31.May.2003 13:39

average joe

riot ! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot! riot!

Driving to protests 31.May.2003 18:11

Subaru Suburbanite

FUCK COPS writes: "...and maybe when you can't drive your subaru wagon to the protest anymore because of insane gas prices, and you have no health care and no job because your pres has driven the country farther into a depression with capitalistic, military endevours. Then you'll feel the hurt of the lower class...."

Funny, I'm middle-aged, have a Subaru wagon (old and paid off long ago), take the bus to protests, have no job or health insurance, and the guy in office is not my president. Except for being middle-aged and having a Subaru wagon, these are new experiences for me and are fueling a new perspective. I agree that a lot of people need to wake up, because they're about to be ground into the asphalt.

Hey, how about the PPRC guy who drives that humongous black SUV to the protests? I know that the PPRC stirs plenty of controversy, but this seems hypocritical beyond belief.

Protest this protest that....what a bunch of piss ants. 01.Jun.2003 20:57

GriffinWolf griffinwolf@hotmail.com

I'm tired about hearing "protest this, protest that". It's absurd, if someone doesn't agree with someone else's viewpoints, then they have to "take to the streets" and "protest" and become an "activist." What a load of grade A class A bullshit. You people look like fools to the normal of society, who also go to work, pay bills, raise families and gee...somehow don't get involved in stupid little "protest freak shows." There will NEVER be a time when EVERYONE accepts and believes in viewpoints and opinions just like everyone else...it just will never happen...so don't get blinded by thinking it will. The protesters are viewed as piss ants on society...scoffers and non productive people in our society. They cause violence and problems wherever they go....sprouting their viewpoint and opinion as the Constitution allows them to free speech. Everyone has free speech....but here's a catcher for you all.....there is NO LAW that says anywhere that we have to LISTEN to your free speech. Comply with the laws of the land, speak your mind and live in peace. We'll tolerate you to that extent, within the limits of the law. However, I and everyone else in this country who choose to ignore and not listen to you have the same rights. Sure there are a small minority that will listen to your drabble, but in the end the norm of society will turn you off and plug our ears to your rants.


notice that it says "invited" 01.Jun.2003 23:00

Paul Cone

George Bush probably gets thousands of invites to stuff every day. He will only come to Portland if there is a media spin in it.

you are proud to be an idiot 01.Jun.2003 23:11


we dont have to listen to you either. thank your god. it is too bad you cant see far enough beyond your own nose to see that you are the one who looks like a fool. keep posting to the conservative websites that reaffirm your beliefs. it will make you feel better about yourself. good luck.

griffin wolf 02.Jun.2003 10:00

son king

I wonder how you participate in de"mock"racy. Is it by voting? Ha! Talk about unproductive. It is east to cast the stones at people who actually care about YOUR well being. You may not realizie it because your head is shoved way too far up your ass to realize, but much of what we protest has to do with the health and well being of the entire country. You have made it obvious that you think that cutting down old growth, poisoning water and air, enacting a crusade in the mid-east, dropping bombs on innocents are all good ideas for the well being of society, or else you would have no problem with the protests that go on around these issues. The truth is that we need protest because we can't afford to wait around for an elected representative to actually represent what we stand for. If we sat and waited for a politician to put the well being of his neighbors in front of the possibility of profit, we would probably sound a lot like you. You are a sheep my friend, just like the rest that you call "normal". If normal means sitting on my ass, getting all of my news from Rupert Murdoch, and believing eveything is okay in this country, than I will wave my freak flag high...and I may even burn it!!! So fuck you and normality.

Surprised by the hatred from the left. 03.Jun.2003 21:53

RLC marquisdecrow@yahoo.com

Just reading a few of the commits I am surprised at the sheer hatred form those on the left. I am a republican and I can't stand former President Clinton, but I have never spewed such hateful commits as what I read in just a few of these here. I agree disagreement is fine and a healthy debate is even better. However, hatred is unacceptable. I hope this hatefulness isn't the view of most people who disagree with President Bush.