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Friday at 5:00: Challenge the PPRC about why PPRC activists accepted a police award

the PPRC has an open microphone at their 5:00 p.m. Friday rallies in Pioneer Square where "anyone" is invited to take to the microphone. this is a great opportunity to raise the issue of "peace" activists accepting awards from the Portland Police Department.
Here's a post about the activists who accepted the awards, with some discussion, and suggestions to write to PPRC and the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (whose Zander Patterson was among the three commended by Chief Kroeker):

"I can't believe "peace" activists would accept awards from Chief Kroeker--any explanation?"

Here's a repost of the Portland Tribune article about the awards:
"Police Award Peacekeepers/Crime Fighters"

Read up, get angry, write to PPRC and OPSR, and if you can, show up on Friday at 5:00 in Pioneer Square for PPRC's weekly rally and see if we can get some answers out of these people in person.

This is not an issue that can just be debated, like whether or not to get a permit or take to the streets. This action -- the accepting of awards from the Portland Police -- shows an incredible insensitivity to communities of color in this city, and reveals why white liberals have so much trouble attracting people of color to their causes. This action by these peace activists was a mistake -- straight up -- and an apology to the community and returning of the awards should be immediately forthcoming.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on Zander Patterson, David Zindel, and Jan Weston.
PPRC voted AGAINST the damnable Chief's Awards 29.May.2003 15:34

present at the vote

PPRC voted 22-1 to reject the damn Chief's Award. Individuals, breaking ranks, shit-canning issues of solidarity, stepped forward to accept these fetid "awards."

wow, thanks 29.May.2003 15:42


wow, thanks for that info. that's good to know. i have to admit i haven't come to expect much from PPRC, so it's good to know it hasn't gotten as bad as i feared. this, then, is mostly a question of ego with these three individuals, i see. too bad for them. they need to get over themselves and not make these kinds of mistakes. and they do need to apologize!

Divisive Bullshit 29.May.2003 15:42


This sounds like divisive bullshit to me. If you want answers contact them privately and discuss it in a reasonable manner - confronting them in public sounds like a bad fucking idea to me. That is a good way for lots of yelling, lots of accusations, no solutions - in other words, exactly what the police want. COINTELPRO?

they made this public -- this is the venue to discuss it 29.May.2003 16:02


the people who accepted these awards did so in public, knowing there would be publicity. awards are an inherently public thing. you don't want your name in public for these things, you shouldn't accept awards like this. knowing the people involved i'm not totally surprised that they accepted these awards. in the case of at least one of them, there's some incredible ego involved. well, that little ego trip needs to get busted at this point because that choice was bullshit. the activist community needs to know who these people are -- who made these very public choices -- so they can decide if they want to work with them or not.

The mudslingers are at it again 29.May.2003 16:04

Running Dog

Anything to divide and discredit the peace activists who worked so hard.

We'll be arguing with each other until we discover we are running the stockyard pen and the hammer
slams down on our head.

The real enemies are Bush and his cabal of neo-conservative slime.
They have real power and are using it.
We sit around and slam each other.

and another thing 29.May.2003 16:05


lala wrote: "lots of yelling, lots of accusations, no solutions"

there's no accusation going on here. that's when you don't know who did something and you pin it on someone as a guess or suspicion. this action, the accepting of awards, is a publicly stated fact. there's no accusation to make because the perps are known already.

as for "no solutions" -- those have been suggested here in this space. APOLOGIES and RETURNING THE AWARDS. simple.

So Why... 29.May.2003 16:10


Don't you contact the three persons and ask them yourself, rather than turning an event (the PPRC meeting) which has nothing to do with this, and voted, as the person above said, against it, into a forum for your grievance. That sounds pointless and divisive to me, and will only end badly.

it's not infighting when you're not on the same side 29.May.2003 16:12


Running dog said: "The real enemies are Bush and his cabal of neo-conservative slime. " that's right. and the violent portland police, who murder people because of their color and beat people up for their beliefs, are part of that slime. if you work with them, you are working with Bush. activists who accept awards from the police chief have taken their stand with bush and against the rest of us. they are not on "our side" (whatever that is).

this isn't "slamming" on anyone. this is pointing out that the "slime" has three new members. these three activists are now supporting those who pen us in and hammer us on the head. they've made friends with the slaughterhouse guards. they can't be trusted unless we get a real sincere mea culpa and see some real action in another direction.

all these folks want "peace" but you can't have that without JUSTICE and the portland police stand clearly against justice. go up to NE portland and tell the folks there that siding with the police doesn't matter.

fair enough 29.May.2003 16:15


i agree that there's no reason to disrupt a PPRC event if they voted against this action. i didn't know that when i first posted.

but this IS a public issue. the three activists put themselves out there in public by accepting these awards, and they can answer for it in public too.

This Friday's Rally is about Kendra James 29.May.2003 16:21

just like last week

This PPRC Friday rally is intended to promote the Salem lobbying effort announced at last week's Kendra James rally. PPRC endorsed last weekend's civil rights demonstration and worked with the Albina Ministerial Alliance Ad Hoc Committee. We also provided the Justice/Justicia signs as well as the Stop Police Abuse / Paro al Abuso Policiaco signs.

Please do come to the rally to keep the issue of Justice for Kendra James in the spotlight. Please do come to the rally to protest police abuse, institutional racism, and white privilege. Please do come to the rally to demonstrate for Change, as Pastor Tate exhorted us to do.

I frankly doubt that the individuals who accepted the Chief's award will be present. I didn't see them at the last rally, and they we're present at the last meeting.

typo 29.May.2003 16:28

just like last week

last line should read: they weren't present at last week's meeting.

at the very least... 29.May.2003 17:01


PPRC should assure the community that David and Jan will not be doing police liaison or peacekeeping work for that organization ever again. They should also publicly disclaim the acceptance of those awards. They should hear a public dialogue about what police liaisoning and peacekeeping are about, because clearly the folks filling those roles for them are operating as proxy cops. And if there was ever a clear example of why rotating roles is important in all organizing, here it is.

Organization, Schmorganization 29.May.2003 17:08


So PPRC voted against accepting the awards, eh? And individuals in that organization accepted them anyway, eh? Individuals awarded on behalf of work they were doing (are still doing?) for the organization. Has PPRC relieved these folks from their roles? Has PPRC publicly disavowed the awards? Has PPRC rethought its politics, strategy or tactics around police liaison work? Hey, by the way, what are those positions? It's one thing to decide on a strategy that includes police liaisons for demonstrations; it's quite another to have those liaisons be representing the police instead of the protesters.

Internal Controls 29.May.2003 17:17

Foo connectedpdx@yahoo.com

22 - 1? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall of the next PPRC Board meeting. If there are any flies out there who can report, it also would be interesting.

However, one doesn't have to wait until 5 on Friday, or wade down to Pioneer Square.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Oregon Chapter
921 SW Morrison, Suite 500
Portland, OR 97205

Oregon Chapter Director: Xander Patterson

Phone: 503-274-2720
Fax: 503-417-7902
Email:  info@oregonpsr.org

I would guess this email goes to the Director of PPRC.

out of proportion 29.May.2003 21:24

same ole bullshit

I find the fact that (enraged) is so ready to pass judgement on everyone and is doing it while anonymously hiding behind IM as being a bit cowardly. I mean if you really want to know what is going on why don't you see if you can't summon up the courage to talk to these folks one on one and face to face. I know these folks and it seems most everyone does. It is a incredible leap to clump them together with the police. How rediculous can you get?
This whole thing is blown out of proportion as so often happens within this community and frankly I'm pretty damn tired of the same ole alienating bullshit. If you got a problem with someone take it up with them and dont come whining trying to gain allies through a public forum.
Think about the effects of your comments before opening your pie-hole.

another perspective 29.May.2003 21:39

question authority

I agree that those three individuals were wrong for accepting the awards from Chief Kroeker but not solely for the reasons mentioned above. I think they were wrong because (1) they accepted the awards for work they did or appeared to do under the umbrella of an organization (the PPRC) that voted almost unanimously not to accept the awards, and (2) by doing so, they are implying that they were somehow responsible for the peaceful state of the marches rather than the responsibility resting with the marchers themselves. In giving out the awards, did Kroeker identify examples of incidents where these peacekeepers actually de-escalated tense or volatile situations? Where peace happened because of something these three actually did?

I agree that it was inappropriate to accept the awards given the unjustified incidents of police use of force at some of the marches, not to mention the high numbers of officers at the marches, and the intermingling of officers with the marchers that could have had a chill effect on potential participants, especially people of color. It's difficult to have any pride in an award that comes from a police official who justifies excessive use of force as necessary without credible public review.

I'm curious why those particular peacekeepers were selected to receive awards? Do they have some other special connection to the police? I'm not against the police per se -- just against police abuse of power, brutality, and lack of accountability. I also agree that it would have been powerful if the peacekeepers had not accepted awards by giving a statement against the Chief's eager acceptance to accept police behavior that the public finds inhumane and abusive. Unfortunately, some people who are not anti-police feel that they have to support the police in every act that they choose to do instead of examining critically the actions of public employees granted the special "privilege" of using force.

same ole bullshit appropriately named 29.May.2003 21:49


I'm growing tired of liberals saying "we should stick together" whenever radicals take them to task for lacking solidarity. It is exactly this sort of thinking which has left Democrats with the lousy platform they have today and only contributes to the downward spiral of humanity. Xander & co. VOLUNTEERED to be cops for a day and were rewarded publicly with a pat on the head. This is disgusting. To suggest that they should be pulled aside and quietly chastised in order not to be "devisive" is absurd. There is a learning experience here. And it is that if you fraternize with the popo, you will be ridiculed and lose all respect from the folks you've worked with in the past. For solidarity to exist, we must all hold one another to high standards. When someone fucks up, they should be thrown overboard until a time when they are willing to put solidarity ahead of their own egos. I'm not suggesting that they be crucified, I would suggest that everyone be very careful before these defacto police reservists are included in any future organizing.

Alex, how do you know who is a "liberal" and who is "radical"? 29.May.2003 22:27

thought I was a radical but must be wrong cause alex said so

Excuse me Alex, but you are guilty here of pretty heavy bullshit yourself. Solidarity. Do you know what the hell that is? It isn't promoted by labelling people with the despised "L" word, when you don't have enough information about them to know what the fuck you're talking about.

Of course, you will probably dismiss this too, because, well...I must be one of those dispicable Liberals, because I'm defending them. Excuse me, but these shrill little name-calling tirades on Indymedia are making me sick. Allow people a little humanity, will ya?

solidarity? 29.May.2003 23:47


"Solidarity. Do you know what the hell that is?"

Yes, the revolutionary working class sticks together through victory and loss, honor and dishonor. To my knowledge, these three de facto police reservists never asked for support in their reckless action and two of them disregarded the PPRC vote. They do not deserve solidarity, and would probably not be interested in solidarity in the first place because it's one of those "commie" words. They certainly appear tighter with the popo than PPRC, let them find their allies at the Justice Center.

Alex, please throw yourself overboard 29.May.2003 23:57


Sorry Alex, but I've read enough of your posts to know that stroking your own ego is what you're mainly about. A lotta bluster in there too. Not too much genuine solidarity, although you seem to pay a lot of lip service to it.

Alex and "enraged" probably couldn't "organize" their way out of a paper bag. David, Xander, and Jan have done a helluva lot of good work in the peace and justice community. I don't know the circumstances surrounding accepting the award, although I believe that someone told me that they intended to do it to make a "fuck you" kind of statement at the acceptance ceremony. Not sure if that actually happened, or was simply dropped from the reporting for the sake of politeness (or so that "enraged" could grind his/her axe).

These three people are certainly not fans of the cops and Alex' ego is probably more swollen than all three of theirs put together. Maybe "enraged" and Alex should just shut the fuck up and let the adults continue with their work. When the two of you learn a bit more about solidarity, effective organizing, and not being jackasses, please come and join the people doing the real work.

Wow 30.May.2003 04:28


Wow, I got censored. That doesn't change the fact that if the end result of a group's actions are that the right gets a stronger stranglehold on power, then it is either a rightist group, or it has been used and manipulated by one.

Look at the end results of your actions. Look at the end results of everyone's actions and things will become crystal clear.

Passion, YOUR passion is so easy for others without passion to manipulate. It's cold fun for them too.

Don't let yourself be used.

Wowee 30.May.2003 04:34


I didn't get censored. This is the wrong thread. I am so embarrassed, I'll have to change my name! Can an Indymedia person get rid of the above post, as well as this one? They don't make any sense and will only confuse. Thank you.

Oh Egos-r-us 30.May.2003 11:43


Your name so suits you. Go on stroking yourself asshole.

and the beat goes on 30.May.2003 16:10


Hmmm, PPRC voted against accepting the awards, they way I heard it the awards weren't given to PPRC so what right does PPRC have to tell the award recepients to take it or not. Many organizations that have worked for years in all neighborhoods of this city, community activists and people of color have been awarded and accepted this award over the years. In fact one of the awards is named to honor Nathan Thomas, a boy that was killed by the police 10 years ago. The Thomas's are trying to make the police department a better place by putting their child's name on an award to honor someone who is trying to make a difference in their community. Maybe the PPRC should get a life and actually get something done. What is PPRC doing today to make sure Bush is not reelected or that the USA gets out of Iraq, I can tell you what ABSOULELY NOTHING!! Grow up kids and get on with changing the world.

about PPRC 30.May.2003 18:24

PDX Citizen

I, for one, am happy to hear that PPRC voted against accepting these awards. There's been a lot of criticism of PPRC on this site, much of it justified. But for the most part, the PPRC people are trying to make a postive difference. I was just sick to hear anyone accepted such an award, such a blatant attempt to co-opt the liberal left. (Which, I'm afraid, is never that hard to do.)

I also jumped to the conclusion that PPRC had lamely fallen for the ruse, and had put ego ahead of action again. But I was wrong. This is good, because I have really seen some changes in PPRC recently. Although PPRC has always had committed people willing to work to promote peace, I have usually disagreed with them over basic philosophies. (Like, I felt like they have always been too willing to pander to apologists, too willing to work with the police to put others down, too easily co-opted, too blind to the effect of capitalism on the state of earth, and too many of them head for starbucks after every action). However, as I said, recently I've noticed PPRC getting a little more radical, a little less likely to take the side of the establishment over the people.

So I'm happy to learn that they did vote against these ridiculous "awards." Imagine! Accepting an award from the same people who presented awards to the people who gunned down Jose Mejia Poot in a mental hospital. Whew! Thanks, PPRC, for voting against the awards.

If only . G A Y . S H A M E . June 15th . could rouse this much interest ... 31.May.2003 14:46

glen 503 287 3473

If only GAY . SHAME could rouse this much interest ...

I can organize 31.May.2003 20:36


PPRC sucks the life out of folks that would otherwise have an effective and critical analasis of this capitalist government and its oppression. It's supporters perpetuate a duality between anarchists, folks commited to radical social change, and a class of pacafist dictators that do everything they can to supress effective revolutionaries. It's common place to hear pprc suporters lambasting folks commited to radical justice for little more than thier age, or sex. Yes at 25 I am a younger man, but that doesn't absolve you for the years of ageist comments I've endured from your camp of cop loving, walk on the sidewalk, stop at the red light, repeat after me circle jerks.


Me too. 01.Jun.2003 15:48


You said it for me too, Michael B. We really ought to confront PPRC and all the other psuedo-liberal "organizations" and let them know that we're sick of their uncle tom back-stabbing. Hey, maybe we could free a few minds while we're at it.

PPRC....IS pathetic. 01.Jun.2003 20:44

GriffinWolf griffinwolf@hotmail.com

I've never agreed with the opinions of PPRC, and have always found PPRC to be pathetic, absurd and a waste of people's time. Whiners and moaners coalition should be more appropriate as I don't like PORTLAND being in the name at all as PPRC does NOT represent the viewpoint of majority Portland citizens.