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Tree-feller joins forest activists in criticizing Southern Oregon timber policies

On Tuesday, May 27, nine forest activists with the help of one frustrated tree feller entered a current logging site at the MR. Wilson timber sale on land held by the Medford Bureau of Land Management. With no BLM or company security in the vicinity, the group removed a cross section from the stump of a 440-year old Douglas Fir tree cut down earlier this month by the Herbert Lumber Company. The enormous round, which weighs over 500 pounds will be on display at the Ashland Food Co-op on Thursday, May 29.

The tree-feller, who resides in Southern Oregon wishes to remain nameless out of concern for his own job security. However, he allowed the Rogue Independent Media Center to film him from behind as he worked the 36-inch chainsaw for well over an hour in order to remove an even round cross section.

When asked why he participated in the action, he said, "I am frustrated with the federal agencies working hand in hand with the big bosses to profit off the hard labor of industrial forest workers. They are pushing through plans that are not sustainable for any kind of jobs nor for the rural way of life that demands such work."

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